Workin' for the Weekend

by Heather on January 29, 2010

Hey guys!  I am so excited it’s almost the weekend!  It’s been a long, slow day for us here in the office!  The finance department rocked my face off and got us all pizza!  I took a slice of veggie with spinach, mushrooms, olives, and tomatoes.  I wanted to make sure to save a little room for some of the food I brought for lunch!

Which was leftovers from last night:

I had the rice, some guac, a small piece of chicken, the veggies, and some salsa.  It was pretty good, but I only ate about half of this concoction.  I just wasn’t feeling the flavors of Mexican food for some reason!

Thanks so much for all of your feedback on the tattoo/piercing situation!  It’s definitely NOT something I’m going to jump into quickly, but it’s always nice to have different views to consider when you make a decision like this!

Tonight we’re headed to see our friends Austin, Ashley, Landon, and Sarah in Littleton.  We haven’t been out to see them nearly enough, but I’m so stoked to go have fun tonight!  I’m planning on doing a little workout before I leave the house to go pick Nate up at the Convention Center, and then just hanging out with great friends all night.  Should be great!  And tomorrow has potential for a hike…I might just go and get filthy muddy anyway since I miss it so much :)

What are y’alls plans for the weekend?  Any sweet workouts planned?  Or great meals to look forward to?  Can’t wait to post about dinner tonight!

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