Who Doesn't Love Free?

by Heather on March 31, 2010

Want FREE Stonyfield Oikos Greek yogurt?  Sign up here!

Hey y’all!  How’s your Hump Day going?  Mine’s AWESOME!!!  Why?  Let’s see…

Mustache Madness was/is today, and even though I don’t LOVE Nate’s mustache, it has been great to see the entire company participate in something fun.  There’s been a lot of laughter around the office!  Also, it’s the end of my company’s fiscal year, so they arranged for the ENTIRE COMPANY to have a free 10-minute massage from Bodywork Boutique!  Talk about raising moral, that definitely did it for me!

Sad part:  it’s one of my co-worker’s last days (she’s amazing – everyone loves her).  I don’t want her to go, but the cool thing is we got FREE pizza to celebrate her working here!

I had this slice, which had tomatoes, olives, green bell peppers, and onions.  I took off the pepper and tomato though…for some reason it was tasting weird.  The rest was good though!  I also had a small slice of a small cheese pizza.  THEN we had amazing carrot cake, made by Leeann!  Too bad I was so excited and it tasted so good that my camera didn’t have a chance to take the picture.  Oops!  I was pretty proud of myself though because I wanted to eat another 5+ slices, but I didn’t.  It feels good to say ‘no’ when it’s something I know I shouldn’t eat more of but really want to!

My run/walk was great (I didn’t go as fast, but I didn’t quit either…so excited!) and I had the rest of my FREE Oikos and FREE Wholesome Foods Bakery crunch!  A match made in heaven:

Tonight we are going to take the dogs to the dog park, cook dinner together, do a little workout, and then watch my new love, Modern Family, and hopefully a movie.  I know this is a stark contrast to my post yesterday, but I’m thankful to have realized what my problem was before I let it go to far.  And thankfully today I feel great!

What was the FREE thing you got/participated in?  What were your thoughts on it? Obviously the last thing I got was free pizza, which is always a winner for me.  I didn’t LOVE all of the toppings on my first slice, but once those were off it was phenomenal!  And I think we all know what I thought about the free massage :)

And just to have a random question, shower or bath? I like both of them; I definitely take showers way more than baths, but I love just soaking in a warm bath when I’m cold, stressed or tired!

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