Weekend Break for a Porter Gal

by Heather on February 27, 2010

Morning everyone!  How are you?  I’m so glad I took a little tiny break from blogging yesterday…I just needed to enjoy the day with Nate at Winter Park and then relax when we got home.  So let’s start over, shall we?

Lunch on Friday was a sandwich thin with a slice of provolone, some steamed spinach, marinara, and a Boca mushroom patty.  On the side I had some carrots, and there may or may not have been a spoon of almond butter eaten with them :)

During the afternoon we ended up leaving to go check out next year’s line at the company showroom, and I left from there to go home.  There was enough daylight to take the dogs to the dog park right by our house, and I was so excited they’d get a chance to run!  Turns out when snow melts it turns to water, which can create this phenomenon called “mud” when it’s mixed with dirt…who knew?  Well, Bunker and Keira did indeed sprint ALL OVER the dog park and got so unbelievably muddy.  I knew the second I stepped out of the car that they’d be getting baths, which is something I dread because it’s something that THEY dread!  When we got home, I had to leave Keira in the garage while I dragged Bunker (all 100 lbs of him) upstairs for a bath.  When it was her turn you’d have thought that I was hurting her!  I’m tellin’ ya, there are a lot of people who pay good money to have someone rub them down and tell them what a good boy/girl they are.  Just sayin’ is all!

By the time I finished bathing the dogs my legs were worn out.  It was basically 30 minutes of standing in a squat with a constant leg adduction squeeze to hold them in one place.  Thus, I did not complete the 30-day shred I had on the schedule for the HPJ workout today.  I did, however, walk around the dog park (in the mud mind you) for an hour before the shower fiasco.  I felt that it was actually WORK, and therefore I didn’t feel bad eating the cheese side of the small pizza Nate brought home:

AND he brought one of my favorite beers home too!  This is a local beer from Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Falls, CO:

That was dessert and then I fell asleep on the couch.  Yes, I am a lightweight, and yes, Nate knows this :)

(Insert breakfast post here)

We got to Winter Park around 8:30 and were too impatient to wait for a bus from the parking lot, so we hiked with our ski boots, skis, and poles to the main lift.  I’d say it was probably around 3/4 of a mile from our car, but all downhill, so it wasn’t too hard.  We skied for a good 2 hours before stopping for lunch at the lodge.  I got the vegetarian curry with extra veggies instead of tofu (I’ve decided that I really don’t like the texture):

It was actually really good!  I ended up eating about 3/4 of the bowl and then stopping because the white rice at the bottom was grossing me out since it was really soft and gooey.  Blech.  But the flavor was actually really good!  Nate got a slightly healthy chicken burrito and then de-healthed it with an astronomical amount of orange cheese sauce:

Now, I love my fair share of overly processed products, but cheese sauce is NOT one of those.  Thankfully he scraped most of it off and only ate what was left on the tortilla!  We skied for another couple of hours, but towards the end my legs were shaking from exhaustion.  We decided that we were also too impatient to wait for the bus BACK to the parking lot, so we hiked up the huge 3/4 mile hill with our ski boots, skis, and poles to the car.  At 9,000 feet.  My lungs were pretty upset with me for that one…but I figured I needed to make up for the lack of intense exercise on Friday!

When we got home I had a Rogue Mocha Porter:

‘Twas perfect!  I sipped on that while I made some pita chips (which is now a new favorite recipe…thanks Ellie!):

And GUACAMOLE!!! Oh boy, do I love me some good guac:

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1/4 cup salsa (your choice; we used 365 brand medium)
  • salt/pepper/garlic powder
  • twist of lime

Mash.  Plate.  Savor.  YUM!

And while that was being consumed, I also made my actual dinner, a piece of vegetable lasagna (Kroger store brand) and a Morningstar Farms Tomato Basil Burger:

This was good, but the flavors actually clashed a bit.  Next time (read: tomorrow’s leftovers) I will just do the lasagna since I’m sure there’s plenty of fat and protein in the cheese :)

Finally, this morning was a bowl of simple whipped banana oats:

I know there have been good and bad foods integrated into the past couple of days, but I fully plan on getting back on track with healthful eating today.  Besides, it’s the weekend, and I feel like it’s OK to splurge a bit!

What are your thoughts on “cheat days” or “cheat meals”?  Do you feel like you need those to stay on track, or do they do more to just derail your healthful eating habits? I know that I usually need at least a meal where I can eat whatever I want, but sometimes I do find it hard to get back on track again!

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