The Shower

by Heather on December 29, 2010

No, no, I’m not talking about my dislike of showers.


That’s for another post.


This one’s about my future sister-in-law’s shower that I went to yesterday.  And the fact that it was at one of my all-time favorite restaurants, Maggiano’s Little Italy.  Give me Italian food any day of the week and I’m a very happy camper indeed!

The menu was full of amazing food, a lot of which isn’t shown because I ate it all.  No, seriously.  All gone.  Finuto.

What’s that?  You still want to know what we had?  Let’s see…there was chicken and steak roulade, fresh bruschetta, cured meats and cheese and melon drizzled with balsamic vinegar, stuffed mushrooms, calamari, and 4-cheese fried ravioli.


Now do you see why I ate it all? 😉

All the foods I can’t get enough of in one place.  Happy indeed.

It was such a fun time celebrating with Elizabeth and her family and friends…we played some really fun games and ate and drank iced tea to our hearts’ content.

Bet you didn’t know I’m a pop culture expert!  That’s right…I’m that girl.  Challenge me in a game of “Match That Famous Couple”…I dare you! :)

Recognize this photo?  Nate and I will be photographing their wedding this summer too!  Can’t wait…it’s going to be such a fun time :)

It’s been quite the adventure on our trip this week…tonight we’re headed out to the Ft. Worth area and then on to Lubbock!  Although I don’t know about the cooking part, I can promise to try to get more crazy videos up for you guys…sans pasta baby this time 😉


Happy Wednesday!

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