The Best Cookies You’ll Never Eat

by Heather on January 7, 2011

I know you guys are wondering, “What the heck?  This girl uses butter, sugar, bacon, and flour in amounts so obscene she needs massive glass jars just to hold it all!  What’s not to like?”


Like I said, I know.  It felt weird for me to bake cookies that I would never eat.  Cookies with lots of beef broth and cornmeal.  Cookies with yeast thrown in the mix.  It was weird.  But I did it.


I did it for love.

See?  After seeing that recipe aren’t you GLAD that I warned you ahead of time? :)

So, getting down to business here, dog biscuits are super easy to make using this recipe.  Mix all the dry ingredients then pour in the broth.  Voila!  Doneskies!

Well, that is unless you live at a high altitude…then you have to add some extra flour to the mix to make it roll-able.  Otherwise you should be good to go!  Just ignore your dogs hanging out in the kitchen, drooling all over your legs.  You can always shower, and you’re doing it for love.





The recipe came with a really cute cookie cutter set that I got for Christmas, but you could certainly just roll the dough out and cut it into squares if you don’t have a cookie cutter.  I promise your dogs (or your neighbor’s dogs or whoever’s dogs you’re baking these for) won’t care what shape they’re in as long as they can eat them.


And eat them they will!

Just ask the critics!  Don’t these faces look like they know a thing or two about dog biscuits?

Don’t let them fool you…they’re connoisseurs!

And that whole drooling-on-my-leg thing?  Yep, didn’t make that one up.  But that’s how you know it’s good 😉

Happy Friday y’all!

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