Sunrise at Haleakala

by Heather on April 28, 2011

It’s funny:  when I graduated from college I started working for Starbucks which meant early mornings (i.e. waking up at 3am for a shift that started at 5am).  Then I was a personal trainer, which meant I could totally sleep in til a whopping 5am every day.  WHEE.

Now I have a job that starts at 8am and feel almost spoiled in comparison to the olden days of steaming milk and kicking people’s tails around the gym.  And now that I am used to working 8-5, getting up at 3am is kind of a beating.

That being said, if you go to Maui I would highly recommend watching the sun rise at Haleakala (“house of the sun”), a potentially active volcano that summits at 10,023 feet.  In our guidebook it’s said that watching the sunrise over clouds is one of the most spiritual things one can witness on the island.  And I can confirm that.  The following pictures are untouched and absolutely divine (thanks to my wonderful photographer husband!)

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1 Jacqui April 28, 2011

Love these. This is one of the places I want to visit!


2 Shawnda April 28, 2011

Stunning pictures!


3 Jessica @ How Sweet April 28, 2011

Gorgeous! I love you guys. Such a cute couple.


4 Alexa @ Simple Eats April 28, 2011

Absolutely gorgeous…the scenery and you guys!


5 Baking Serendipity April 28, 2011

Gorgeous! Starbucks is my dream job. Is it weird that I’m jealous of your 3am wake-ups for work? :)


6 Lauren at Keep It Sweet April 28, 2011

Gorgeous photos! You look so happy:-)


7 Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun April 28, 2011

I would definitely say that view is worth a 3 am wakeup call. And I think I would love personal training…but I would be lying if I said that wake up time didn’t make me nervous. LOL


8 sassymom April 28, 2011

Phenomenal! The view and the pics! A bit chilly too, huh?


9 Maria @ Oh Healthy Day April 28, 2011

Breathtaking! I’ve been to Maui twice and twice we’ve wanted to do this and couldn’t make the 3am wakeup call.

Next time…next time.


10 Salah April 28, 2011

Gorgeous!! GOsh, sooo jealous! This looks soo awesome!


11 Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) April 28, 2011

So pretty! Love it.


12 Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty April 28, 2011

Oh my gosh, that’s SO gorgeous!!

You guys are so cute together too!! And you are simply gorgeous!!


13 Mama Pea April 28, 2011

Beautiful. It’s on my bucket list!


14 becca (bellebottoms) April 29, 2011

Holy moly! okay…I’m pretty sure God was just showing off that day! :)


15 janetha April 29, 2011

WOW. Breathtaking! Well worth the wake up call!


16 Jenn May 1, 2011

We did this on our honeymoon trip to Maui and loved it too! Best part of trip!


17 Mauimandy@The Grains of Paradise May 9, 2011

Wow! I’ve lived on Maui 12+ years and I’ve never seen the sunrise from Haleakala! How crazy is that!! I think I’m too scared of the cold haha…Aloha :)


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