Sick Food

by Heather on January 26, 2011

Ugh.  Being sick is for the birds, I tell ya.  Yesterday I had to leave work after a half day because I was feeling so gross!  I thought for sure after taking a night off from cooking and sleeping as much as possible I’d be up and running like normal, but it just wasn’t so.  I think the worst feeling in the entire world is being sick and hungry and not wanting to eat anything, so yesterday on the way home I made a 2-minute stop at the store to pick up some of the usual sick foods:

I hate the way Emergen-C tastes, but I can notice a difference if I take it consistently.  The raspberry and orange flavors are probably the least disgusting.  I also got some soup:

If I felt like cooking at all I would have made my own, but it was all I could do to make a little bit of (unpictured) mac and cheese later on in the day.  Making soup is too complicated when you’re sick!

I’ll tell you what’s NOT too complicated: eating ice cream.  I didn’t double-dip in the container because of the germs, but you can bet I wanted to!  I never thought I’d be such a vanilla lover, but I have to say it’s the only thing I’ve been craving in ice cream lately.  Weird.

I rounded the selection off with some more Vitamin C stuff since the actual produce at Target was a little sketchy yesterday.  Throw in a long nap, a movie on the couch with Nate, and going to bed at 9 o’clock, and I think I might be feeling better today.  Fingers crossed!


What are your go-to sick foods? I also like to have a little Sprite or 7-Up on my sick days, but wasn’t about to roam the store looking for it yesterday!

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