Paradise & The Instrument of Torture

by Heather on May 27, 2010

This is paradise (also, please note that these photos are severely Photoshopped….we were using them for a presentation and they wouldn’t show up well on the large screen if they weren’t!)  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Tortola & Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands:

Yes, this is practically a Corona commercial.  Except I hate Corona.  And I also hate commercials.  See those specs out in the water?  One of those is me!

I would rather wake up to this view every morning than just about any other view in the world.  And yes, that includes the Rocky Mountains (note:  I love that I get to see the mountains every day…it’s a close second :))  I’m not ungrateful, just truthful!


I would give all of my fake lottery winnings to float on my back here again…

…and frolic on the sandy beaches.  Alas, I’m stuck in Colorado…

…to enjoy these fabulous treats!  Thanks, yet again, to the fabulous Jessica for her White Chocolate Mocha Cookies (that I turned into bars because I’m lazy and that’s just how I roll)!

Holy heaven these were good! I followed the recipe to the letter, EXCEPT I added a full bag of white chocolate chips, and if I’d had enough, I would have added 3-4 Tbsp of coffee powder.  I’ve had so many compliments on these today from my coworkers and even emailed the recipe to a few of them!

Those babies kind of make my perfect salmon salad open-face sandwich look kind of weak-sauce, huh?  Good news is it tasted fabulous anyway!  I love the crunchy veggies and the spice in the Old Bay:

And now we enter the part of the post where I talk about PAIN.  So I mentioned this morning that my knee is still bothering me?  Yeah.  So basically at least PART of the issue is the inside of my knee…I don’t even know what muscle that is…is tightening up and causing a tremendous amount of pain in my knee.  Since there’s really no way to stretch that muscle, LeeAnn sent me home with this instrument of torture stick:

Basically those little rollers help with myofascial release (much the way foam rolling does) but it’s easier to use since you use your hands rather than trying to balance your body on a foam roller.  Y’all, this little stick has the power to bring tears to this grown woman’s eyes…OK, OK, it’s not that hard to do since I’m a huge crier, but still.  It hurts!  I’m glad I have it though because otherwise I don’t know if that little knot of muscle would EVER release!

Today I found out some really sad news that I don’t feel comfortable sharing until at least next week; however, it could instigate some really huge changes in my life over the next several months.  I’ll share it at another time, but any prayers or thoughts y’all could send my way would be great :)

So, on a slightly more lighthearted note, what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re near a body of water?  I know we talked a while back about what body of water you prefer (ocean vs river vs lake), but now I know what you like to DO there! If I’m by a lake, I love riding wave runners and sitting in boats…I tried to waterski once, but got frustrated because I couldn’t get up so I quit :)  In rivers tubing is fun, but only if it’s a lazy Texas river…I tried that up here, almost died, and the swore off tubing faster moving water!  And the ocean?  I just like to wade around, bodyboard, surf…and then go sit on the beach :)

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