by Heather on April 28, 2010

Afternoon :)  I’ve LOVED reading about all of y’alls accents (or non-accents)! I think it’s so fun to hear what people sound like.  And for those of you who put examples of how to say words?  Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sitting here trying to say it with your accent to myself :)

Lunch today was the last of the long string of similar lunches this week!  I had the very last of the pasta from Sunday night, with a piece of bread and 1 Tbsp of peanut butter, and a slice of bread with a slice of pepperjack:

The funny this that part of the peanut butter sandwich is missing because as I was prepping my camera, Bunker decided that it was close enough to lick.  I love my big boy and all, but I’m not about to eat something he’s licked.

As his fur-mommy, I’ve seen where his mouth has been, and I want none of that in my system!  Lunch was pretty good, albeit slightly mundane now, and it held me over well.  Around 3 or so I got hungry again, so I went for a 100-calorie popcorn bag with some seasoning salt:

I can honestly say I’ve never had something with seasoned salt that I didn’t like.  The stuff is like crack magical! I left work early today, got home, and did my workout, and am now prepping for a FANTASTIC meal tonight!  I’m making something special that I’ve never made before, so my fingers are crossed it’ll work out.  Hopefully I have some awesome photos and a face-rocking recipe to show off tomorrow morning!

Today I had a great conversation via g-chat with Jessica about book ideas and life in general.  She threw out some really great ideas for a book…ideas that moved me to start truly planning in a way I haven’t before.  I also read a book about writing last night that mentioned that you should always write about something that is centered around what you believe; otherwise it’s a lie.

Why am I telling y’all this? I started letting myself get attacked while in the midst of the planning process.  I started to let myself believe that no one would buy a book from someone who hasn’t lost the weight that they want to lose or isn’t in the career they want.  I started to think about my “numbers” – the number on the scale, the number on my clothes, the number on my paycheck.  The thing is, our lives – MY LIFE – revolve around those numbers, but what about the numbers that really matter?  Like the number of smiles you’ve given to people?  The number of times you’ve helped someone without being asked?  The number of times you’ve brought joy to others?  Seems to me that THOSE numbers are the numbers that should define us!

What numbers do you let yourself be defined by?  Why?  What numbers do you WANT to be defined by?  How will you help yourself get there? For too long I’ve let myself be defined by the scale and the size on the tags of my clothes.  I’ve done it as a cop-out as to why I can’t achieve the things I really want, and as a way to stay stagnant in my journey through life.  The thing is, I want to be defined by the number of lives that I’ve touched, the number of women I’ve encouraged, and the number of people who live a joyful life because I stopped worrying about myself and started doing something to make a difference!

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