Not Surprised

by Heather on April 23, 2010

Happy Friday evening everyone!  For most of us it means it’s finally the weekend…congrats on making it :)

Not surprisingly, the winner for today’s Marriage Ref Friday battle goes to the people who rinse and scrape their dishes before loading into the dishwasher! I’ve read a little bit on both sides of the argument, but rinsing and scraping keeps the dishwasher running well longer.  Like I said, this is one thing that Nate and I both agree on, so that’s a good thing, but there are definitely some unknown people I work with (really, I have no idea who they are) who would do well to rinse the oatmeal out of their bowls before loading them into the washer.  But hey, at least it’s making it INTO the dishwasher in the first place, right? :)

So today was spent in front of my TV watching New Moon and in front of my laptop signed into my work email.  It rained all day long except for, oh I don’t know, it started snowing:

Now I suppose I’m not surprised that it’s snowing at the end of April.  I mean, I do live in Colorado, right?  But I must say, Colorado threw me for a loop this time!  Even Keira was scared to step foot outside!  Come to think of it, she’s never had to experience rain before, so this whole experience is new to her.  I decided to have leftovers for lunch (a leftover Sausage, Pepper, and Onion Hoagie), but didn’t take a picture because my camera wouldn’t focus.  I did get a shot of dessert though!

This was one of those things that sounded a LOT better at the store than it actually tasted.  Not that I would turn it down if someone offered it to me for free, but I certainly wouldn’t pay money again for it!  That being said, I did enjoy the cool ice cream on my throat.

Speaking of my throat, I just spent 2.5 hours at the doctor’s office.  Where the nurse so kindly (sarcasm) gave me a play-by-play every 2 minutes on what/when/where/why/how she was doing things.  And where I was told that, according to a preliminary lab test, I do not have strep throat and therefore will just have to “wait it out.” Honestly, I’m not surprised, but I’m still waiting to hear back on Monday or Tuesday for the final results of the lab test.  The good news is the doctor thinks I’m on the up and up and that the worst is behind me.  This weekend I’m just supposed to drink lots of liquids, get lots of rest, and hopefully feel better come Monday!

So I need to let y’all know something:  at the doctor’s office they weighed me, per usual, and I was really REALLY surprised by the number on the scale.  And not in a good way.  At the moment I’m really battling fat talk and am really hurt by it.  I know that number doesn’t define me, but I would think that with my working out and taking more care with my eating that the number would be different.  If anything I’ve gained weight, and frankly that scares the crap out of me.  I don’t want or need to go into detail, but I just thought that I’d be honest and authentic about where I’m at right now.  I could really use some encouragement, and if I’ve learned anything about this community, it’s that you guys can provide it.

I hope you guys have a FABULOUS weekend, and I’ll be back on Sunday with a recap of this evening and tomorrow :)

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1 Jessica @ How Sweet April 23, 2010

Girl, you KNOW the scale means nothing. It could have been anything – water retention, etc. You are awesome and are SO HEALTHY – that is what is important. If you feel great about your eating and exercise, there is no shame over your weight!


2 Kris| April 23, 2010

I hope your throat feels better soon! How is new moon? LOL, I guess I should see the first movie first? Where have I been all this time? This is what happens when your life is crazy busy, there is no time for vampires!

Ooo doll, you do not need to be worried about a scale. I don’t even own a scale because it is useless. You are so healthy and it is all about how you feel. You are one hot lady, remember that!



3 Emily April 23, 2010

Do NOT even worry about the number on the scale! It is just one little number that definitely does not define who you are! I love reading your blog for your thought-provoking posts and your spirit and energy. Thank you for that, and continue to be awesome! Also, I’m glad the doctor think you’re on your way to getting better.


4 Teri [a foodie stays fit] April 23, 2010

snow? seriously?

sweetie, I’m so sorry about the scale. I know how that feels, truly I do. But you do not need to worry about a silly NUMBER! You are so much more than a number; I don’t even know you in person and I can tell you that. I know it’s so much easier said than done to not worry about it, but perhaps try keeping a gratitude journal to focus your thoughts elsewhere. It might help.

<3 <3


5 Bethany April 23, 2010

I agree with the others, and you know this, too — the number means nothing. I know the fat talk thing is so so so hard to escape. But you are treating your body well by eating well and exercising, and that is what is important! When I get wrapped up in fat talk, I often try to focus my mind on (or actually do) things that put me in the position of celebrating my body, and I don’t really mean exercise. Something like taking a bath, getting a massage (usually from an obliging husband or friend :-) ), or just doing some stretching. I focus on the times when I just really love my body and I feel like it is functioning the way it was created to function. When compared with the beautiful, complex way our bodies were made… a number on a scale seems pretty insignificant.

Hope you get the encouragement you need, and some rest to heal your illness!


6 eatmovelove April 23, 2010

Girl you are NOT fat. You are beautiful.
I just ate pizza, cake and cookies…I am bloated and uncomfortable and mad with myself….so yeah support is needed all around…just think you can’t be any worse ever than I am…
Take care of yourself.


7 Jessica April 23, 2010

I am so sorry you are feeling down about that stupid number :( I let it get to me all the time too, so I feel for ya. It is really hard when you are eating right and exercising though. How do your clothes fit? That is the real judge. Try not to get upset about it anymore. Plus, their scale could be off and you were prob weighed with heavy clothes on too!


8 Beth @fatbustermack April 23, 2010

Aww sorry that you are feeling so bad, I’ve been slowly eating Ben and Jerry’s cake batter. Soooo tasty! Sorry the ice cream didn’t taste so great. As far as fat talk goes. My scale is going the wrong way, but I saw myself in the mirror the other day and saw myself in a new light, you are beautiful, focus on that.


9 kbwood April 23, 2010

seriously!! you are SO much bigger than a number! i know its so hard when we are women and have so much pressure on us but you are SO BEAUTIFUL in Gods eyes all the time!


10 Sarah April 23, 2010

OMG I’m in the SAME situation right now. I’ve seen the scale creep up on me a little and it’s juuuuust past my freak-out-buckle-down number.

I can provide loads of sympathy here, but not much in the way of helpful suggestions I’m afraid. It’s hard to get through the “fat talk” thing. Honestly, fat talk is how I usually smack myself back into gear.

If I’m not supposed to think getting fat is bad, then how am I supposed to avoid it? This is my current struggle.

So far, I have been trying to focus on things like how my body is powerful and agile (although struggling with a bad back and knee is hindering the positivity there). And also thinking about food as fuel and nutrition.

I hope you can gain some positivity and find some good support. I’m always around too and I’ll definitely be checking back at your reader’s comments that might be helpful to me too.

Thanks for being so honest Heather, it’s super helpful to me too.


11 Lauren April 23, 2010

Heather, in addition to what all the other girls have said, remember that you have been sick for several days, and did they weigh you with your clothes and shoes on? After you’ve eaten and drank something that day? I’m so sorry you’re feeling so discouraged, though. I can definitely understand. It’s tough when I feel like I eat a million times healthier than I did years ago, yet the scale doesn’t show that. I just know my body feels better and that I’m doing what I can to be healthy, and just trusting God to help me with that delicate balance and to just be used for His good.


12 Christie {Honoring Health} April 24, 2010


I am so sorry that the scale got to you that way today. Not allowing the scale to define who we are is such hard work but you can do it. Just keep reminding yourself that you are strong and beautiful no matter what that number is. That number is just a number and it can not tell anyone what is in your spirit or in your heart.

Honor your body by feeding it the food that makes you feel your best and exercise it in ways that honor your beautiful feminine spirit. Do that and I promise that your body will naturally become its natural weight without all of the heartache the scale can provide.

Please email me anytime.



13 Katie @ Health for the Whole Self April 24, 2010

Sending positive vibes your way!!! I have been in that situation and I know that it JUST DOWNRIGHT STINKS. When we bloggers are feeling confident it’s easy to talk a good game about loving ourselves on the inside and not being defined by the scale, but the truth is – like Christie said – it is HARD WORK. I really appreciate your honesty and authenticity on this blog. As hard as it may be, I encourage you to turn to God for this one, remembering that He loves you no less because of a number. I’m thinking of you, girlie!


14 salah@myhealthiestlifestyle April 24, 2010

Heather, the number doesn’t matter if you are putting in hard work. I love you so much, don’t get down. Remember to give it up to the Lord. You control what you can (what you eat, drink, physical activity) and then leave the rest up to the Big Man Above. I love you!


15 Anna April 24, 2010

Oh my goodness, do not even worry about that number– I almost ALWAYS weigh more at the doctor’s office, and besides, the number on ANY scale doesn’t mean that you’ve failed or succeeded. Health is so much more than that. Go by the way you feel, the way your clothes fit, the way your skin looks, the number of times you laugh in a day– don’t go by the scale!!

Snow in April? Shudder.


16 Heather April 24, 2010

Awwwwww… sorry about the scale experience :( That is exactly why I tell the nurse NOT to tell me my weight when I’m at the doc. Besides it can fluctuate at LEAST 5 lbs per day just from water weight, time of day, etc.
As far as snow in CO-I remember when I lived in Divide it snowed a couple inches on June 16. Of course by the end of the day it was all melted!


17 RG April 24, 2010

Stay positive girl! You are strong, healthy and beautiful!


18 April 24, 2010

I have started weight training which does things to the number on the scale. So even though my clothes fit better and some things are getting too big that change is not reflected on the scale.

I posted about this yesterday on my blog. I have to look at the non scale victories not just the scale.


19 Katie April 24, 2010

WOW! I can’t believe it was snowing! And I thought MI had bad (unpredictable) weather!


20 Katie April 24, 2010

Oh and about the ‘scale’ one time I was 10 lbs heavier on the doc’s scale than at home…I was SHOCKED…I asked my doctor bc I was honestly so surprised, and he said..have you used the bathroom today? He went on to tell me that water, hormones, food, salt, and even using the bathroom can fluctuate the scale #…So I try and go by how my clothes fit these days, not a # that can change by the ‘littlest’ things! :)


21 thewaterfaucet April 24, 2010

Don’t forget scales weigh differently. :) It’s true. One scale says one thing, another scale can say something different. Also, I’ll be emailing you back in the next day or so since I just got back from traveling. Love ya.


22 foodlovingpolarbear April 24, 2010

It snowed today here too :D and I have to say it IS pretty unsual to see that here in the end of April and we really live up north!


23 runnerforever April 24, 2010

Scales don’t tell the whole story, each one will give you a different number, and your weight naturally fluctuates. Do NOT worry about it for one more minute.


24 hundredtenpounds April 24, 2010

Bummer, I hope you feel better!

And as for the scale–I never let the doctor weigh me. I weigh myself on MY scale. It’s accurate and consistent.


25 Kelly April 24, 2010

Try to focus on other postive changes aside from the number on the scale. Do you clothes fit better? Do you feel healthier? Are you happy with who you are? All of these things are way more important than a number! But I do know that it is much harder said than done…hang in there!


26 Jennifer April 24, 2010

Yea I never go by the doctor’s scale because when I go, I’ve either already eaten 1-2 times and also your fully dressed. So the number doesn’t mean anything. Also, if your working out regularly and eating right, you are probably gaining muscle. I keep having people tell me I look like Ive lost weight, but I actually haven’t. But maybe what it comes down to is I lost inches but gained muscle mass and muscle weighs more than fat. You are beautiful and as everyone has already mentioned, you are more than a number.


27 Tina April 24, 2010

Okay, I’m going to rant a little bit with you. 1) Doctors scales are CRAP! They always seem to not be calibrated correctly and measure heavier. 2) You are weighed with clothes on and midday so it is going to be higher than how you would weigh in your own home (which is probably where the # you thought should be is based off). 3) Weight means nothing! It doesn’t show inner health which I know you have with how well you care for yourself.

Now for the encouragement: You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful and genuine bloggers I have come across. I always look forward to your posts and your comments to me. You are an amazing person. Consider all the good things you do for your body and the way you are honoring your health. That is worth so much more than a number. Also, if your clothes are still fitting that number means nothing. Keep that chin up, gorgeous!


28 Gabriela @ Fro-Yo Lover April 24, 2010

Awwww, Heather!
I´m sure you´re tired to hear this, but you´re SO much more then a number!
The scale means nothing. Really!
Don´t worry, girl ;)
Brazilian XOXO´s,


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