Not Enough Days in the Weekend

by Heather on July 26, 2010

I said it Friday, and I’ll say it again:  There are NOT enough days in the weekend! Back when I had to work one weekend day and take a weekday off instead I thought it was just this horrid time…but having 2 consecutive weekend days is just as hard!

OK, enough complaining :)

Yesterday was a whirlwind but super fun!  Church was awesome (as usual) and afterwards we got to go eat lunch with some of our closest friends!  We went to the mecca of all health and wellness restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings :)  Now, don’t get me wrong…this girl can down some wings.  But I just wasn’t in the mood!  Plus I just wanted something healthy(ish), so I ended up getting a Boca Burger with fries in lieu of wings:

It was about what I expected since I’ve had Boca burgers a million times; however, this one was fairly dry.  Still flavorful though!  I shared some of my fries with Nate so that I could snag a wing though :)

The rest of the afternoon we hung out with our friends Murphy and Lauren (they’re getting married in 3 weeks!!!) for some premarital counseling and just chill time.  At one point Nate and Murphy went to help another friend move, and I started reading Eat Pray LoveI am now wishing that someone would pay me to travel and write a book about it.  Just sayin’ is all 😉

So yes, this post is short and sweet.  We had a lot that happened this weekend, but now it’s time to focus on the very busy week ahead!  In the spirit of Eat Pray Love, I’d love to have you list out the three foreign places you’d visit if you were going on a journey to discover the art of pleasure, the art of devotion, and a balance between the two! Here are mine:

  • The art of pleasure:  Italy. Not to totally and completely copy Elizabeth Gilbert’s idea, but I’ve always wanted to go to Italy to discover the art of pleasure in food and life.  Not that I know from personal experience, but everything I’ve heard is that Italians know how to live and how to do it well.  I don’t think I’d even begin to care if I put on weight doing it at all :)
  • The art of devotion:  New Zealand. Again, I’ve never been here, but I have seen pictures and heard first-hand accounts.  In the book, the Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the art of devotion in a spiritual sense.  She visits India to meet and study under her Guru; however, as a Christian I don’t necessarily believe in a specific place as the heart of where to find God.  I believe that God is all around, and as such I want to be in a place that wholly exemplifies God as the Creator.  Not that New Zealand would house a spiritual connection to God, but I think I would be able to revel in His magnificent glory in a place that is absolutely stunning.
  • A balance between the two:  Hawaii. Now, this one I can say I’ve been to.  HOWEVER, I will say that I’ve never really experienced people with such joy in living and uncharacteristic devotion to God as I have when I’ve been in Hawaii.  Not that this description is all-encompassing, but I do believe that a solid balance between the two would be reached here by me!
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