Marital Ref

by Heather on May 28, 2010

Happy Friday (finally)!!! This week has been so busy yet so slow at the same time…does that even make sense?

Last night I had an impromptu dinner with my friend Stefanie last night in Boulder.  Originally we were planning on going to a rooftop patio at The Rio, but there was a 45 minute wait, so we ended up going to Centro, which was just down the street:

I was so excited, I’d never been there before!  First off we started with water (it’s all about hydration, y’all):

And some cucumber infused mojitos:

SOOOOOOOO good and sooooooooooo refreshing!  Since Stef is friends with the manager, he also hooked us up with some of their fabulous lime cured white bass ceviche:

The only other time I had ceviche was in Dallas, and I swore I would never EVER eat that crap again.  But since this was free and a gift of sorts, I tried it anyway…and LOVED it!  Turns out the stuff in Dallas was cured in lemon juice, which is just too tart, and didn’t have any other seasonings!  This had tomatillo sauce, fresh avocado, and jicama in it too.  I am now a ceviche enthusiast :)  We also split this asparagus, spring mushroom and queso oaxaca quesadilla:

Once again, incredible.  It had a tomatillo-avocado cream sauce served with it, and there was a party in my mouth :)  I think I’ve found a new favorite restaurant!  We just sat and talked for a while, then decided to walk down Pearl Street Mall since it was so nice out.  Once we got down to the other end we both needed to use the restroom, but since there are so many homeless people that hang out there, all of the coffee shops and restaurants will only let you use the restroom if you buy something.  We stopped at a coffee shop and each got a shot of espresso :)

I haven’t had one of those since my Starbucks days!  It was good though, and I was thankful for the restroom :)  More sitting and talking, and then we decided to walk back.  This is where things get REALLY exciting though…

I have been looking and looking for a frozen tart yogurt place nearby, and I had just about given up when all of a sudden…BAM Maiberry shone like a beacon in the night and beckoned us in to try its yogurt.  And I am ever EVER so glad that I did!  First of all, it’s amazing, second of all it’s really affordable, and third of all it’s actually good for you!  Sounds like a winning combo to me :)

Breakfast this morning was a GM in a Hawaii mug because I’m doing everything I can to pretend I’m on a tropical vacation these days:

Always the perfect breakfast :)

So first of all, thank you all for your sweet comments on yesterday’s post…I’m thankful that I’m in all of y’alls thoughts and prayers!  There could be some big changes ahead for Nate and myself, but it’s all in God’s hands at this point!  I’ll keep you updated when I can :)

Marriage Ref Friday

Today’s Marriage Ref question has to do with dogs…and if you’re a cat lover I’d still love it if you voted anyway!  So here goes:  big dog or little dog?


Which do YOU prefer?!?!

Happy Friday!

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