Mamma Mia, Here I Go Again

by Heather on May 24, 2010


Goodness me I love this movie! I hope that video showed up OK for y’all…I think there’s only one song I’m not a huge fan of!

So, to start today’s post off right, I thought I’d show y’all an overexposed photo of my breakfast yesterday:  a Mama Pea KIND bar and a small Gala apple!

Honestly I’m not sure what happened there…when I was editing the photos it looked fine, and then I put it on here and it’s WAY too bright!  I’ll be checking in on that later, but for now I’m just excited I had a healthy breakfast :)  I had a small lunch that was a smoked pork quesodilla that was not photographed because I was too hungry to go out to my car and grab my camera.  Trust me, it was divine!  For dinner we went to The Med for their happy hour (which they have EVERY DAY) and had fun with photos:

Why is Nate so confused/upset?  Probably because he didn’t have any chocolate chip cookies in his hands :)  I kind of look like I have a block head here…don’t know why…

Not sure what Chrissy (my sister-in-law) was doing here, but I like the picture anyway!

Doesn’t Janet look angelic?! :)

As do I!

I love this picture of her :)

Ok, enough of that…onward to food!  We had a HUGE array of tapas dishes to choose from, but since we were all a bit full from lunch we split a smattering of them.  We started off with prosciutto & melon:

And some gambas, which was tender shrimp with garlic chips, lime (zest & juice) and olive oil:

Drool.  Janet & Nate split the caprese dish…I love caprese stuff, but not when it’s just in it’s “raw” form like this.  Raw tomatoes kind of freak me out with their texture…

We also had some datiles, which were bacon-wrapped dates in a garlic sauce (insert photo of me drooling all over the keyboard here):

And the huevos rellenos (Harissa-scallion devlied eggs) were to.die.for.

I ordered some baba ghanouj because, well, I love it:

And then we split some margherita pizzas (aka “heaven”)

As you can see, it was quite the smorgasbord of amazing Mediterranean cuisine!  Afterwards we drove up Flagstaff Road in Boulder to the place where we did Daniel & Abbey’s engagement pictures last year:

You get to see some of the best views off the backside of the mountain:

And then you get to go home and play with some of the images you took that people smoking pot wouldn’t get out of:

Green, green, everywhere!

We did a few more photos of us while we were up there, so I’ll photographically leave you with a little shot of me…it will probably burn my face into some book editor’s brain and cause them to give me a book deal :)

In all seriousness though, it was a great day and I was so glad to explore a little bit of Boulder that I haven’t seen in a while.  Getting out there and hiking around really brought me a lot of joy and made me thankful that we live in such a beautiful area!  When we got home we watched I Love You, Man…well, that is until we were rudely interrupted by a beer bottle exploding all over our kitchen! Turns out one of Nate’s homebrews had a little too much sugar and therefore too much carbonation.  Took a while to clean up, and we will now be storing all non-refrigerated beer in the garage :)

I know it might be a bit early, but does anyone have fun plans for Memorial Day next week? I think I’m going to come up to Boulder and watch the BolderBoulder race that some friends are running in, go hiking, and pick up some heartworm meds for the puppers.  And yes, that’s exciting for me :)

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