Lunch of Champions!

by Heather on February 22, 2010

Or so I think anyway :)  I am SO happy with my lunch today; I really feel like I ate well and it filled me a LOT!  What more can you ask for, right?

Lunch was my yam from the other day, a honeycrisp apple, carrots and 1 Tbsp almond butter, and a naval orange.  LOTS of orange in this one!

Over my lunch break I walked to Whole Foods to get some stuff for dinner tonight, then walked to Target, and then back to the office.  Not really a challenging workout, but it felt good to get out and walk!  Right now I’m snacking on some plain yogurt with coconut, chocolate chips, and GrapeNuts.  YUM!

I’m planning on making this for dinner (straight out of Eating Well), along with a fabulous fruit salad!  Then I get to go grocery shopping (anyone else get excited about grocery shopping?!?!) and hopefully cleaning the office a bit.  I kept talking about how I was going to do that all weekend and….yeah….it didn’t happen.  Oh well!

The reason I was so stoked about my lunch is because I really didn’t eat a healthy dinner last night and I totally feel like I made up for it with today’s eats.  Does anyone else ever do that?  Make up for a bad meal with a good one?  Either way, is that a healthy behavior?  I’d love to hear your thoughts! In the meantime, I’m counting down the minutes until my fabulous dinner tonight :)

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1 Chelsea February 22, 2010

As long as you’re not “punishing” yourself for eating “bad” I think it’s okay :)

Make sure you’re getting your protein in chica!


2 louisianagrown February 22, 2010

I don’t think that good meals ever really “make up” for bad ones, but I like to convince myself of it sometimes. Either way, you’re eating a good meal so you win!


3 Anna February 22, 2010

I haven’t had grapenuts in so long– that used to be one of my favorite cereals! I’ll have to give it a go again :-)


4 Lauren @ BIOCHEMISTA February 22, 2010

I think if you over eat/eat badly then eating healthy for your next meal is great. Time/days/etc. are only relative, so for example, one high calorie meal plus one low calorie meal equals (average them) two average calorie meals…At least that’s my two cents ;)

Btw, thanks for the yogurt idea! I just bought some organic coconut :) :)

Have a great week!



5 Salah February 22, 2010

Yummy yogurt…chocolate + coconut + creamy yogurt=DELISH!

I think its all about your attitude and mindset during it all…if you eat a bad meal and still (minus feeling full etc.) feel good about yourself, then I think it is a healthy behavior to make up for it with an extremely healthy meal. At the end of the day its all about how YOU feel inside.


6 theprocessofhealing February 22, 2010

Your dinner sounds like it will be a winner :)
And lunch, fabulous. Sweet potatoes… be still my heart. LOVE them.
And I totally do that kinda math too.. I think it’s girl math lol but seriously, it all balances out in the end if you eat healthy most of the time.

I definitely get excited about grocery shopping…


7 Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle February 22, 2010

A lot of times after eating really crappy (on the weekend… salt + alcohol??), I want to eat healthy the next day. It totally makes me feel refreshed to get some good vegetables in and what not. It can work both ways though: If I ate really healthy all day and realize it, I start wanting dessert!


8 Lele February 22, 2010

I have been crushin’ on that sandwich since I got that issue of Eating Well. I’m glad you’re going to be a guinea pig for it!
I for sure atone-eat. What I really do, though, is atone-exercise. I mean, on the one hand, it’s a pretty controlling behavior. On the other hand, I always ALWAYS feel physically and mentally better if I eat something excessive and then exercise afterwards.


9 Can You Stay for Dinner February 23, 2010

Such a healthy and delicious lunch and snack! I don’t see anything wrong with following a big meal with a smaller one or a not so healthy one with a fresh salad. As long as you don’t feel really sad and guilty. But chances are, the fresh fruits/veggies will always make you feel good.
Have a happy Tuesday!


10 Christie @ Honoring Health February 23, 2010

Well, I no longer classify food as good or bad. I remind myself that food is not a moral behavior. Robbing a bank is bad behavior.

With that said, when I feel gross from eating foods that my body doesn’t like, I just move on and learn from it. Make a mental note that said food made me feel sluggish, upset stomach, whatever and remember that the next time I am considering eating that food again.

When you let the moral judgement go, it frees you up to really listen to your body and honor it’s signals.


11 Michelle @ Tea at Dusk February 23, 2010

Nice job, Heather! Makes you feel great when you’re on target, eh? :)

Can’t wait to see how your dinner turned out.


12 Naomi (onefitfoodie) February 23, 2010

I think it depends, if I know I indulged and knwe I was planning on it (big dinner our or family get together) I will tend to keep it pretty healthy the next day, but if the eating was just random and I endedup not eating so graet one day, oh well, the next day is a new day, its not like one day will unravel al the hard work I do!


13 Dawn (HealthySDLiving) February 23, 2010

Omg your lunch looks incredible–seriously something I’d throw together and definitely enough to make up for a night of not so healthy eating! lol
I kind of do that all week. I use my weekends, mostly Sat, as a treat day. The rest of the week I try to stay pretty healthy so I don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t really know if that’s good or bad but it’s been working for me!


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