Lucky Strike

by Heather on January 30, 2010

Morning everyone!  I’m so baffled by the fact that the South and Texas is getting all the cold weather!  I’ve heard from several sources that there’s been rain, sleet, and snow!  Well, guys, it’s sunny and 50-something here in Colorado.  Go figure :)

Last night was so much fun!  First, we went over to Austin + Ashley’s house in Littleton, and our other friends Landon + Sara were in town too!  It was so much fun…these guys and gals are seriously some of the funniest and sweetest people I’ve ever known.  Austin + Ashley are fantastic hosts, and they had a fabulous dinner prepared for us!  We started off with spinach dip in a bread bowl (drool): And then we had salads with strawberries, toasted walnuts, fresh goat cheese, and balsamic (double drool):

And then, as if there could be more great food, we had these amazing calzones with whole wheat crust!  There were 3:  Italian sausage, spinach + goat cheese, and spinach + mozzarella:

I had a piece of each one, and totally wanted to go back for more, but somehow I was able to stop myself.  I don’t know how it happened, but I was so thankful I did because we ended our fabulous meal with these unbelievable red velvet cupcakes in honor or Sara and Nate’s birthdays!

Aren’t they cute?  I told them it looked like they had animated our desserts!  Ashley works as a store designer for Anthropologie, so their whole apartment is super cute and creative, and their cooking is always amazing.  I’m really going to miss them when they move to Dallas, but I think we’re going to try and do a snowshoeing trip sometime before they leave!

We had to leave earlier than we wanted because Nate’s car was still at the convention center for SIA and the time had expired.  We were pretty lucky he didn’t get a ticket!  While we were there, we got a call saying everyone who worked the booth at SIA were at Lucky Strike in Denver, which was just around the corner from where we were.  Since our company was paying, we stopped by and got a couple beers.  I’m glad we did because we got to meet one of our co-worker’s girlfriends, who is just about the cutest thing ever.  We had a great time talking and watching slightly inebriated people bowl and dance!  Before I knew it, it was almost 12, so we headed home since Nate was planning on getting up early to go skiing at Eldora today.

Sleep was great, and I had yet another breakfast cookie and a massive cup of water this morning while watching FoodNetwork.  What a great way to wake up!

I was hoping to be able to hit up the Farmer’s Market Ashley was raving about in this post, but it turns out we’re working SIA again this afternoon, and I have a ton of stuff to get done around the house (i.e. de-pooping the backyard!!!) before we go down there.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to go soon!  We don’t get down to Denver nearly as often as we’d like, but a sweet year-round Farmer’s Market might be just the thing to get us down there!

How’s the weather where you’re at today?  How has that affected your weekend plans?

Hope y’all have a rockin’ Saturday :)

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