I Got Nothin'

by Heather on May 24, 2010

Hey guys :)  Sorry, I got nothin’ for you as far as cool titles…it’s just one of those days where I’m totally exhausted and I’m having daydreams about sleeping.

Lunch was pretty tame today.  I started off with a Starbucks Chipotle Chicken sandwich:

It was good, but not very substantial in my opinion.  I also had some Greek yogurt with 1 Tbsp of Bonne Maman cherry preserves and about 1/4 cup of coconut chia granola:

I also decided that I wanted a bean burrito from Taco Bell (unpictured) and am now regretting it…I’m stuffed in NOT the fun way!  Dinner is going to be pretty light tonight, but I just know I should have let my food sit for a little bit before springing for that burrito.  To make matters worse, it’s SO WINDY outside that I didn’t walk, so what would have made me feel better and burned off some energy didn’t happen.  Oh well, sometimes there are days like today and we just have to take it in stride, right?


Tonight I’m going to try and lift some weights, eat a salad, work on some writing and photography projects, and go to bed early so that I will get up in the morning and workout.  I’m also nervously awaiting the results of my bloodwork from last Thursday…on one hand I really hope that there’s nothing wrong and we can go on living life like we normally do, but at the same time I’m also kind of hoping for a good kick in the pants to really buckle down and have to eat healthier.  I know that sounds weird, but it’s how I feel!

RANDOM QUESTION:  What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Or favorite frozen treat? I would have to say that Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla is THE BEST vanilla ever, and I’m also a huge fan of Haagen Dazs 5-Ingredient Coffee ice cream.  I might or might not be drooling right now… 😉

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