Crash & Burn

by Heather on July 2, 2010

Good morning! Aren’t you glad it’s Friday?!?!

So, like I said before, I added some oats to my smoothie yesterday, and it didn’t really do much to change the color:

But it definitely added some bulk and some chew! I don’t know if I was the biggest fan, but after adding the oats it definitely kept me full a lot longer.  Not that it mattered though, since I had a Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip square cookie x 2:

Seriously y’all, Jessica is a GENIUS.  I had people at my office say that these were the best thing they’ve ever had, and I bake for them every week!  I did the Heather’s Dish lazy version, and rather than make them into individual cookies I just smashed all of the dough in a 9 x 13 pan and baked at 325 for 30 minutes.  In the last minute I poured the rest of the chips (peanut butter and chocolate chips) on top, stuck it back in the over for a minute, then used a spatula to spread the melted goodness around for some “icing.”  YUM!

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine BBQ chicken pizza because I’m fancy like that:

And then dinner went undocumented (oops)!  We went over to our old boss’s house (well, she’s our friend too, obviously) and hung out with her for a couple of hours.  I had 2 glasses of red wine, countless chips & green chili salsa, 1/2 of a chicken sausage, and half of a cowboy burger from Whole Foods.  We had such a good time hanging out and talking!  We miss you Shannon! :)

When we got home at 8(?) I’m pretty sure I just walked right upstairs and went to sleep.  I woke up at 11:30, washed my face and brushed my teeth, then went back to sleep!  Guess I was tired, huh? I am really excited for this weekend though…my parents are coming in town!  So tonight will be spent ferociously cleaning our house so that we don’t look like slobs ;)

What are you doing for the 4th of July weekend?  Any fun traditions?  Any favorite recipes? We are cleaning tonight so that we can hang out with friends and play sand volleyball, swim, and eat tomorrow!  I usually just do 4th of July by the seat of my pants, but I always love a good BBQ :)

Hope you guys have a great one!

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1 Jessica @ How Sweet July 2, 2010

Ok, YOU are the genius. Seriously, bars are SO much more fun than cookies. I never think of those, but you always do! I need to make those into bars. But it may be a bad thing since I will want to eat the entire pan.


2 Salah July 2, 2010

You both are geniuses!!! Those bars look sooooo yummy!!!! (doesn’t hurt that my fav combo of all time is chocolate and peanut butter)….I wish I got to be there with you mom dad and nate!!! Have fun! I’ll be playing beach vb all day Sunday when I get back into town from Lubbock :-) Love you!


3 Gena July 2, 2010

I’ve been going gaga for berry and banana smoothies. I love the color in these photos :)


4 Kelly July 2, 2010

Happy July 4th Heather!!! I hope you have a fabulous and well deserved weekend!!


5 LiveForTheRun July 2, 2010

Chocolate and peanut butter in any form has my vote, definitely going to have to try.

Looking forward to fireworks, old faithful:)


6 Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) July 2, 2010

I’ll be spending the weekend in the lake- SO excited! Have a wonderful 4th :)


7 Heather C July 2, 2010

The only way to eat Green Chile is endlessly….just sayin’ ;)

No 4th traditions here, just excited to enjoy this holiday in the Nation’s Capital! Should be fun :)


8 Tina July 2, 2010

I was planning on making a fruit/dessert pizza for the 4th, but now I think I’m going to make the S’mores brownies from Jessica instead. She is a genius!! LOL

And plans for the 4th…not sure of specifics just yet. I know I will be with my family on Sunday and tonight we are going to our town’s fireworks show. I hope you have a good one!


9 Katie @ Health for the Whole Self July 2, 2010

Still haven’t tried the oats in a smoothie thing…when you say it added a “chew,” do you mean that in a good way??? Haha.

Have an awesome weekend, girl! :)


10 Simply Life July 2, 2010

Oh my, all your food looks SO good!


11 Samantha@ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans July 2, 2010

Those brownies look so delicious!!! yum!


12 lisasfoods July 2, 2010

We’re planning to go into New York City for the day, which should be fun, but I’m hoping it won’t be too busy there.

Have a great weekend, Heather!


13 eatmovelove July 2, 2010

Can I just say that you just seem so “cool”…I know LOL – but seriously to hang out with :)

Anyways – a super huge heart-felt Thank You for your incredible comment on my last post…wow – it really hit me …incredible…it’s not possible for me to look at is as starting over because i need to just find a job unfortunately…anything soon …just to pay my debt and find a place to live…

…but I don’t know…it made me feel not so stupid and an idiot for just being this confused and lost i guess…

Thanks ;)


14 Michelle July 2, 2010

Those cookies/bar things look fantastic!
haha I love the lazy heathersdish version ;)


15 kbwood July 2, 2010

i love that lean cuisine!! haha! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND LOVE!! happy 4th!


16 Nicole July 3, 2010

I just came across your blog (from Oh She Glows) and I absolutely love it! I have added it to my “favorite blog” list that I visit daily :)


17 Mary July 3, 2010

Glad to hear you are living life to the fullest!

Have fun with your parents. The “pre-time” cleanup is always worth the visit and good times afterwards. :)

The golf/tennis club I belong to has a parade on Saturday, golf scramble we’ll play in on Sunday and fireworks that night. Should be fun if the rain holds off. We have been getting bands of rain from the Hurricane passing under us in Mexico…ugh.

As the song goes…Rain is a Good Thing…


18 Kris| July 3, 2010

I hope you have a fun weekend with your parents!
These bars look fab! I would eat them all if I made them today….sigh.

This weekend is actually full of online / blog work for me, but that is ok cause i love it!!



19 Jennifer July 3, 2010

haha you’re so funny. I’m sure you’re not a slob. I have a clean house throughout the week, but when my mom comes into town, I have to double it up because that woman notices everything! For the 4th, we’re having some friends over and making homemade ice cream!


20 Stacey@ July 3, 2010

Those bars look delicious, love your pic on the right of your page, super cute.


21 Hillary [Nutrition Nut on the Run] July 3, 2010

Every time I visit you, you’re making another one of Jessica’s sweet treats. Haha. Can’t blame ya, I heart baking.


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