by Heather on March 26, 2010

BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! That’s what’s cooking for tonight anyway…but first, lunch.  I had a MorningStar Farms veggie patty with mustard and cheddar and the rest of my roasted brussels sprouts:

I’m so going to miss my brussels for the summer, but I’m glad we had one last go around before then!  I really like these veggie patties, but I HATE water chestnuts, and these things are swimming with them!  They’re easy to pull out, but I’ve had a couple of patties where they make up the bulk of the meal.  BLECH.  Those are right up there with tofu on my list of things that I hate the texture of!  I digress…



Love my puppies :)  We got to leave early from work today which made the day fly by.  When we got home we immediately started cooking dinner for community group tonight!  If you remember from a couple of days ago we were supposed to have that on Tuesday night but got snowed in instead.  SO tonight we are still having BFD with eggs, sausage, bacon, hashbrown casserole (the real deal!), and cinnamon roll French toast.  HECK YES!  There will be pictures my friends, there will be pictures :)

As for workouts, nothing has happened yet today because it started raining before I could get outside.  I’m thinking tonight I might do a workout that I recorded from FitTV, but honestly I’m not sure if I’ll get around to it.  Maybe today will just be a rest day!  Besides, tomorrow we’re getting in one more ski day at Winter Park, so it’s probably a good idea to save my legs for that, right?  Right!

What foods do you hate the texture of? Like I said, I hate tofu and water chestnuts, but I’m also NOT a big fan of green bell peppers (just the flavor anyway) or radishes.  EW!


In light of Tyler’s hilariousness, which boy band(s)/singer(s) or girl band(s)/singer(s) do you secretly love? I must say I’ve been dancing to Backstreet Boys and N’Sync the past couple of mornings while getting ready, but I wouldn’t turn down some New Kids on the Block either :)

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1 theprocessofhealing March 26, 2010

Your dinner sounds amazing!!!!!

I’m with you on the water chestnuts… blech. I can’t stand the texture of cottage cheese unless it’s melted in something.


2 caronae March 26, 2010

Ooo I love brekkie for dinner! I HATE water chestnuts too. And tomatoes, yuck! Have an awesome weekend!


3 Tina March 26, 2010

Breakfast for dinner is the best! Easy and delicious. :D

I cannot stand the texture of cottage cheese. Cannot do it! Blah!


4 abbynormally March 26, 2010

I agree with you about tofu! But I actually really like water chestnuts!


5 learningtocookeatandenjoydeliciousfood March 26, 2010

I cannot stand the taste of fake chicken, fish, raw tomatoes, and carrots. I like alot of veggies, but I cannot stand carrots or tomatoes. I hope you have a great time at Winter Park tomorrow!! :)


6 Beth (fatbustermack) March 26, 2010

mmm breakfast for dinner, so yummy! I don’t know what food textures I have an issue with…I’ll have to think about that!


7 Madeline - Greens and Jeans March 26, 2010

Mushrooms and eggplant make me cringe.


8 healthyappletite March 27, 2010

i hatr the texture of banana and mushrooms! i cant eat a banana without it being in something (eh bread, cake or oats!) eww! xx


9 Christie {Honoring Health} March 27, 2010

I agree about the water chestnuts, they totally scheeve me out.


10 quarterlifewellness March 27, 2010

I saw nkotb last year in concert and they still got it!!!

And I love the jonas brothers :-)


11 hundredtenpounds March 31, 2010

I HATE mushrooms. EEEEW


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