Back in Action

by Heather on February 25, 2010

Hey guys! Be sure to check out my guest post at Then Heather Said in her “More Than” series!!!

So Keira and I are back home and going outside every 20 minutes or so :(  It totally kills me to see her not feeling great (she’s been really pouty and sleepy all day) and I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when we have sick kiddos!  I’ll spare the intimate details, but she’s got a bladder infection.  Good news is the vet thinks that’s all it is, so we have 7 days worth of antibiotics that will hopefully cure everything!

Last night for dinner we had black bean burgers and sweet potato fries!  I know I said we’d also have kale chips, but there just wasn’t enough time.  I’ll explain that later…but I knew upon getting home what kind of cheese I wanted on my burger!

I seriously love this stuff…it’s so easy to spread, super flavorful, and the portions are the perfect size.  What’s not to love?  Nate actually did most of the cooking since I was doing the 30-Day Shred and yoga per my HPJ page :)  He’s such a sweetheart!  We made black bean burgers a la Christie, and they were fabulous!  Here they are cooking away:

And my plate before it was annihilated:

We had some frozen sweet potato fries with a little salt and a lot of pepper, just how we like it!  ‘Twas a delicious dinner!  Nate even said he liked the burgers, which is saying a lot since he doesn’t usually like to have a dinner without meat.

Now, the reason we were short on time was because we went and saw Valentine’s Day!!!

Honestly, I didn’t think this was as good as it was cracked up to be.  It took a while for the movie to really start up, and it just felt like everyone was so fake (except of course for Julia Roberts; she was fabulous as always).  Towards the middle it really started to pick up and at the end I really enjoyed it.  Nate and I shared a popcorn (awwwwwwww) and just enjoyed our little date!

This morning we woke up and I started doing my yoga since I got up early enough to do it.  Keira kept whining, so I let her out and finished up.  When I went upstairs I noticed that she’d peed on the floor!  Then we kept noticing all of these places where she’d peed (she’s been housebroken for at least 6 months) and some other things – trying to keep it clean here – so I ended up taking her to the vet TWICE to get checked out.  She’s fine now, but is going to be resting the rest of the day while I get caught up on work stuff from home.

Breakfast was another black bean burger!  SOOOOOOO good:

And mid-morning when I brought Keira home so I could get her to pee in a cup I made some kale chips for a snack:

These were so good!  I didn’t really know what to expect, but they sure did surpass whatever expectations I had!  They seriously just and have a nice healthy flavor to them :)  I don’t think Nate would like them, but I’ll definitely be making them in the future!

I just got back not too long ago from our second visit to the vet, and Keira’s asleep on the floor beside me.    I am having to take her out every 20 minutes or so, which is no bueno.  I just feel bad for the girl!  Tonight I’m going to make tortellini with TONS of veggies for dinner (another Eating Well recipe!) and then I’m going to sit up in the office and do tax stuff with Nate while simultaneously organizing all of our files and folders and papers.  That’s right people…I got skillzzzzz. :)  Oh, and for lunch I ate the rest of the sweet potato fries (about a handful) and a Lean Cuisine pizza and forgot to take a picture.  Oh well…I feel like a slacker, but everyone once in while I do actually eat things that I don’t document!  So it goes…

If you could pick any actor/actress to play you in a movie, who would you pick?  Why? I know I would pick either Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock…it’s gotta be someone from the South since that’s where I feel like I’m from :)

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{ 24 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Jessica @ How Sweet February 25, 2010

You need to try some nutritional yeast on the kale chips! They are so good – gives ‘em a nutty, cheesy flavor!


2 Chelsea February 25, 2010

Poor baby :( I’m going to see that movie on Saturday with my best friend. Have you seen Love Actually? If so, how’d it compare?


3 Heather February 25, 2010

I LOVE Love Actually! It’s definitely a much better movie than Valentine’s Day…it just flows a lot better and there aren’t as many preconceived ideas about who the actor/actress is and how they play their part (hopefully that made sense….)


4 Estela @ Weekly Bite February 25, 2010

I really hope your doggie feels better!

I saw Valentine’s Day and was not a fan. It wasn’t a horrible movie, but was just kinda boring. It was built up way too much.


5 christie @ honoring health February 25, 2010

Yay! So glad you liked the bean burgers. If you like eggs, they are really good with and egg over top for breakfast!

And ironically, I am eating bean burgers and kale chips right now :D


6 Anna February 25, 2010

Awww…I’m thinking about your sweet pooch :-(

I lurrrrrve kale chips :-)


7 Kelly February 25, 2010

Interesting question…if I was picking any actress to play me I would pick Keri Russell (because I absolutely LOVE her) but everyone tells me I look like Hilary Swank so if we are going on looks then she would be the one to play me!

I am so sorry about your pup! Hopefully she feels better soon!! You’re a good dog mama! :)


8 Andrea@CeleryInTheCity February 25, 2010

Love that you ate a bean burger for breakfast. Sometimes I wake up and wonder if it’d be okay to eat a sandwich..or hummus for bfast. lol :) I don’t know who I would pick to play me..probably Zooey..Deschanel? I can’t spell her last name..the girl in Elf.


9 Naomi (onefitfoodie) February 25, 2010

I thought the movie was ok, nothing special at all! I liked love acutally and ‘hes just not tha tinto you’ much better!! I mean It was cute, just nothing crazy cute.

those burgers look AWESOME! and that LC flavor is the bestttt! I go through phases with it! sometimes I love the original, othertimes I go for the flavors!

HMMM currently I would pick that girl in “Dear John” so I could make out with channing tatum OMG he is one fineeee man ;)


10 Beth (fatbustermack) February 25, 2010

I would choose Mary Louise Parker. I just love her, plus she has curly brown hair…Poor Keira! Hope she is better soon!


11 lpskins February 25, 2010

Nice work with the shred and the yoga. doubling up!
Love that question by the way. My favorites are Sandra and Jennifer Garner so one of them I suppose.


12 Madeline - Greens and Jeans February 25, 2010

Those burgers look so good! I’ve always had a major girl crush on Kate Winslet, so I have to pick her!


13 Jess February 25, 2010

Oh man, I hope the puppy is feeling better. Sick pets/kiddos are no fun : (

I love the savory breakfast! I need to try switching it up. I ALWAYS eat the same thing, (delicious though) oatmeal, peanut butter & a banana. I am sure my body needs something new…

An actress to play me, hmmmm….Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston or Elizabeth Shue. They seem down to earth enough : )


14 Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty February 25, 2010

I think it would be Jennie Garth or Drew Barrymore for me!! :) I love both of them!!

Hope your puppy is ok soon!!

xo Jessica


15 Jolene ( February 25, 2010

I would totally pick Angelina Jolie – I love her!!

Those burgers look ridiculously good!! And I LOVE sweet potato fries SO much!!


16 Megan @ Healthy Hoggin' February 25, 2010

I hate it when my puppy is sick! Poor thing! :(

I agree– Valentine’s Day was only so-so. Maybe if I weren’t comparing it to Love Actually, I would have been more impressed!


17 Andi February 26, 2010

my pup has had bladder infections before–it’s so hard to know when they need to go out and when they just need attention…and maddy HATES it when we have to get a urine sample. she’s like “what are you doing back there???” our experience was that the symptoms cleared pretty quickly with the meds–i hope that it does the same for your little one!

hmm, i don’t know who i would want to play me!


18 Janna February 26, 2010

I think I would pick Hayden Panettiere…not because she’s such a great actress lol but because she mildly resembles me


19 Michelle @ Tea at Dusk February 26, 2010

Poor Keira. I hope she’s feeling better soon!

I’m a big fan of Kate Winslet!


20 Salah February 26, 2010

I’ll definitely be wanting that black bean burger recipe! It looks so yummy!!!


21 Heather February 26, 2010

thanks! it’s actually Christie’s at…just look up in her recipes section :) love you scissor!


22 lpskins February 26, 2010

sick puppies break my heart. even more than sick kids.


23 Jenny February 26, 2010

Poor baby! I am in the camp of people who’s heartstrings react more strongly for sick puppies than sick kids. I’m glad she’s home with you, though.

On a side note, I wanted to say that your guest post over at “thenHeatherSaid” made me cry. When I read the line “Your life doesn’t start when you find someone to love” I almost started bawling at work because this is something that I have been struggling to accept lately. To see it in black and white was just so profound. Thank you.


24 Jenny February 26, 2010

Oh! And I guess i’d pick Jennifer Garner or else Sandra Bullock- she just gets more and more gorgeous. I hope I look half as good as she does in twenty years!


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