An Unimportant Decision

by Heather on January 29, 2010

Morning y’all!  Let’s start off with a photo of the Friday treats I made for my office.  BEHOLD: dark/white chocolate chip cookie bars with store-bought chocolate chip icing!

Nate was upset he wasn’t going to be in the office today since it’s his day at SIA, so he took a massive chunk out first thing.  You know, just in case he starves to death later :)  I used an online recipe (sorry, I can’t remember which one!!!) to make these bars from a cake mix, and used store-bought icing.  I truly truly wanted to use Jessica’s recipe for Chocolate Chewies, but alas I was lazy/wanted to cuddle with Nate on the couch, so I threw these together instead!  I’m hoping to make the cookies tomorrow to take to church on Sunday :)

Breakfast was another chocolate 3-minute breakfast cookie.  These are seriously great…I thought I was getting tired of them, but I’m not!  This morning’s was no exception either:

I’m back in the office today, which is cool but not super fun.  I didn’t think I’d really enjoy SIA yesterday (I can be sort of anti-social sometimes), but I had a great time and wouldn’t mind going back.  It was a great experience!

Now, on to my extremely unimportant (potential) decision that I need some input on.  I have my nose pierced, as shown below in this super-nerdy picture:

And I really like it.  However, I’ve also wanted a tattoo for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time, and I finally decided after seeing photos of Meghann’s snowflake or Jenna’s cool-looking one that I really like the foot tattoo.  It seems ideal because it’s there if you want to show it, and if you don’t then you can cover it up.  I’m not sure what I would get just yet, but I was wondering:  should I ditch the nose stud and get a foot tattoo instead?  What are your thoughts on tattoos? Any advice would be much appreciated!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday, and I can’t wait to read what y’all are all up to!  I missed seeing everyone’s blogs yesterday :)

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