A Half Eaten Day

by Heather on February 24, 2010

Hey everyone!  Thanks so much for the awesome responses to my HPJ post…I’m very excited to see where it takes me!  Like I said, I don’t really care if I end up fitting in my smaller pants (no sizes, remember?! :)) but I do want to continue to be my healthiest self!

Today for lunch I was so excited to eat the Jazzberry Salad that I got for free at work yesterday!

Spinach, red onions, strawberries, raspberries, roasted almonds, avocado, jalapenos, and berry dressing.  Sounds amazing, right?  And so pretty too!

After about 5 bites I didn’t like it, but I kept eating the spinach leaves because I figure I need the iron and fiber and whatnot.  Halfway through I was done, though.  It just wasn’t a great mesh of flavors!

Not to be put off, I turned to my last sweet potato to save the day.  Microwaved for 7 minutes on high wrapped in a paper towel:

And it STILL wasn’t done!  I was shocked!  But, I didn’t feel like re-heating it and I didn’t feel like making something else to only eat half, so I ate the done parts of the potato and sulked.  I hate it when I’m really excited to eat something and it turns into a major fail!

One thing that did NOT disappoint though?  This bad boy that I got in the mail yesterday!

I love Bon Appetit, and have already found a slew of recipes I’m just dying to make!  First up I have an eggplant to use, so I’m thinking eggplant parm (the one on the cover) for dinner sometime this week!

I just got done with my walk, the first part of my workout, and am now snacking on the yogurt/cranberries/chocolate chips/coconut/GrapeNut madness that I love:

Once we get home I’m going to do the 30-day shred part of my workout, and then make dinner.  On the menu I’ve got black bean burgers with spinach on top, kale chips, and sweet potato fries!  Wahoo for a great dinner that will be COMPLETELY eaten!  And I’m going to work on a product review I’m really excited about as well.  I think it’s going to be a good night :)

When you just don’t like something but it’s the only thing you have to eat, what do you do?  Eat it because you know you should?  Toss it because it’s not what you want to eat?  Do you ever just eat things for the nutritional value? I know I try not to force myself to eat anything, but today was a special case where everything else available was meat :/

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