Name That Island

by Heather on April 26, 2010

Is it just me or has this day FLOWN by?  I mean really though…for not being as cool as the weekend, Mondays are over a lot faster than the rest of the week.  Fine by me :)

Lunch today was a cup of leftover pasta:

Looks like a lot in that picture, doesn’t it?  It wasn’t enough to fill me up, so I had a slice of whole wheat bread with pepperjack, 2 slices of turkey, and a little bbq sauce.

Pepperjack is SOOOOOO good.  I mean really, you have to love a good, spicy pepperjack!  I also had this dark chocolate coconut thing that Nate brought me:

Can you guess what island that is in the picture?  You get 10 points if you guess correctly!  (points to what?  who cares?  it’s 10 points!)

On my actual lunch break I went to Whole Foods to find some rice and found that they have these cups of veggies and hummus for $2!  I had to get it (and only ate the carrots and about half of the hummus):

And then I had a pineapple Clif Kids thing (official name):

When I was a trainer I used to eat those ALL.THE.TIME.  They count as a serving of fruit and they’re so flavorful!  I also broke down and got a different kind of Chocolove bar (just a baby one though):

I had a square of it, and it was good!  I do love dark chocolate more though.

So I’ve been reading/hearing about a lot of bloggers receiving truly nasty and mean comments in their comments section.  Sadly I feel like it more and more becoming a trend among bloggers who have a large readership to receive these types of comments, and it makes me very sad for the people who leave the comments like that.  Although I understand that people will read into a blog post the way they want based on their experience, there is a classy way to voice a rebuttal.  I guess I’m just saying that I’m shocked at the number of tasteless comments I read in other blogger’s posts and it makes me sad!

How do you feel about people who leave obviously rude comments on others’ blogs?  Have you ever had a comment like that?  If so, how did you deal with it? I have yet to receive an openly nasty comment, something I’m very thankful for.  I suppose I’ll handle that if the time comes, but in the meantime just want to always encourage and love on the strong and beautiful women in the blogging community!

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1 Meg @ Be Fit Be Full April 26, 2010

I agree, sometimes I am shocked at some of the comments on the really popluar blogs. I have yet to receive a nasty comment as well, and I guess that’s a good thing. Sometimes I wonder if I’m interesting enough though since I don’t receive any snarky comments.
Oh, and I am totally stumped on the island! I will have to check back to see everyone else’s guess :)


2 hundredtenpounds April 26, 2010

People can be really rude. They are just really unhappy people. I haven’t seen any nasty comments on my blog, or anyone else’s blog, so that’s good. :)


3 anonymous April 26, 2010

I’m going to guess it is an oreo cookie cookie ball – dipped in semisweet chocolate with an almond bark drizzle.


4 midgetkeeper April 26, 2010

Those comments honestly don’t shock me, because I was a part of pretty large pregnancy forum for a while and people got down right brutal and mean. So I know if you put yourself out there on the internet, someone is going to have some “fun” at your expense. Because usually that’s what most of those people are bored, with too much time on their hands. I can’t tell you the type of sick and mean stuff I saw people say on that forum, appalling.

I guess because of that experience I think I would be pretty good at just brushing comments like that off. However, it scares me a little that it might be directed at my children, or how I parent them. Because if there is one thing people are down right opinionated about is how other people raise their kids.


5 TheKetchupDiaries April 26, 2010

I haven’t received a negative comment yet, but funny you should mention them because I am “on edge” about getting one! I have been hearing about them going around and I think it’s so indecent!


6 quarterlifewellness April 26, 2010

I don’t understand those mean comments!! I mean I have left comments on a blog if I disagree with the message or something (I will voice my opinion in a nice way), but what’s the point of being mean?? It’s not helping anyone!!


7 lpskins April 26, 2010

my sis gets rude comments a lot and it makes me sooo mad. My little bloggie isn’t big enough to receive mean comments which is fine by me. Nice eats today Heather.


8 Anna April 26, 2010

I’ve never gotten mean comments, but there does seem to be a slew of them going around, doesn’t there? Ugh. It’ll pass.

That chocolove bar is my favorite!! Love!


9 caitlin April 26, 2010

hahaha can i vent on your blog?

i don’t get a lot of mean (not disagreeable, MEAN) comments but i know other bloggers do and it makes me so sad. bloggers are people too!

what makes me sad recently is that i feel like a lot of the mean comments/bad attitude are coming from other bloggers in the community, which i seriously DO NOT UNDERSTAND. blog bashing is sooo wrong, rude, and taboo. i would NEVER blog bash (i.e. talk smack about another blogger on my own blog). EVER. if you dont like a blog, don’t read it! you will not gain fans by talking about how much other people suck.

i feel like this always comes in waves. hopefully it will pass soon as it has in the past.

thanks for letting me hijack your comments section.


10 Heather April 26, 2010

Of course you can vent! I feel exactly the same way…the blogging world should be a place of encouragement! that’s not to say that there won’t be differing points of view, but those can be handled in a mature and classy way. i hope it all goes away soon too!


11 Estela @ Weekly Bite April 26, 2010

I truly feel that negative/mean comments come from jealousy. If someone likes a blog, but disagrees with a post… there is a polite, adult way of addressing it… or even email the blogger privately.

Its always interesting that those comments come from “anonymous” readers… or, they put in a fake name/email address.


12 Beth @fatbustermack April 26, 2010

oh yuck! I don’t understand why people would leave nasty comments. If I don’t like someones post, I just don’t say anything. Didn’t their parents teach them anything?


13 kbwood April 26, 2010

totally agree w. everybody.. its really sad, i usually delete negative commeents.. they dont deserve to be on my comment section! i try to keep negative ppl out of my life..and i pray for those people, altho that is not my first reaction!


14 sophia April 26, 2010

Ha, I recently got a negative comment. Oh well. It was downright ridiculous and I had a good laugh over it.


15 Katie@ Two Lives, One Lifestyle April 26, 2010

The mean comments are totally uncalled for, especially because most bloggers are doing the exact opposite of trying to offend people! If I read a blog that doesn’t interest me then I stop reading- not leave nasty comments because we have different beliefs and viewpoints. I hate it when I see a mean comment on a blog I love! It’s like someone trash talking a friend.


16 rollerkoesterrun April 26, 2010

I have only had one rude comment, but it was so dumb and immature that I just deleted it and moved on (basically someone wrote that I was a stupid b**** for drinking Silk light because its gross).

The ones that shock me are when people are mean or rude to others about what they eat. If someone wants to be vegan, more power to them! If they cave once in a while and eat a grilled chicken sandwich that is their choice- get off their back!

Also, people who hate on the blog world, saying that they’re all the same and have no substance. Not every blog out there is to make money and try to be big time. A lot of us just enjoy sharing and getting to know others and have even become friends with those we follow on a regular basis.

Sorry for my long rant ;) Good topic Heather!



17 Christie {Honoring Health} April 27, 2010

I have only ever had two really downright mean comments though I have had a TON of insensitive ones which made me completely change the way I was blogging (I used to blog everything I ate). I don’t get why people feel the need to be so mean, I guess that is what happens when you put anonymity to it. The two I have gotten, I tracked their IP address and then blocked them from being able to comment again. Sadly, one was a fellow food blogger. The other was a dumb kid who probably had nothing better to do.

I think people leave negative comments for a variety of reason but I think the really mean ones are often based on the other person, not the blogger. The commenter is so unhappy with themselves they feel the need to bash other people. Pretty sad when you think about it.


18 foodlovingpolarbear April 27, 2010

When I first started blogging in March 2010 I was afraid that I would get nasty comments even though I really write about normal stuff, but it seems that it doesn’t matter what you write sometimes, when someone wants to put you down they do. Luckily I haven’t gotten any negative comments!


19 Salah April 27, 2010

I haven’t received any mean comments, but then again my blog isn’t very big which is fine b/c I’d rather not receive them. I think its just disrespectful to leave mean comments on someones page. We are all sharing our stories with one another so we need to be respectful of one another.


20 Bethany April 27, 2010

Woah! Really? I guess I’m too green to be aware of any mean comments on blogs. I’ve only ever received nice comments — and just yesterday I received a really nice email in response to one of my comments on another blog. I was just thinking how nice food bloggers seem to be! Well, I guess there are always a few mean people who try to sour the experience for everyone… but we won’t let them, right? :-D


21 Heather April 27, 2010

I have had the rude comment thing happen, and although I consider myself a strong woman who knows who she is, it really bothered me. It wasn’t just a disagreement, it was an attack on my character. Someone who didn’t even know me!
But, that’s the risk we bloggers take when we are so public with our lives, for the ENTIRE world to see/read.
You kinda have to expect it :(


22 theprocessofhealing April 27, 2010

I completely agree with what most people have said. I have never had an outright RUDE mean comment but I’ve had some that are kind of borderline. I think if I DID get one that was just awful, I would delete it. I’ve seen some really mean ones going around lately and it breaks my heart that when someone attacks another like that. But what can you do? When we put ourselves out there like we do, I think you’re bound to get a bad comment one day. Unfortunately.


23 Melissa @ For the Love of Health April 27, 2010

great blog!
that sandwich looks perfect! really- I love cheese- I can taste it. haha

Rude comments on a blog are completely unnecessary and stupid. If someone is not a fan of someone’s blog- then don’t read it! Why must a negative and perhaps hurtful comment be left? I would never do it and I would hope no one would do it to me. I think I would just delete it if someone did it to me. I am not a confrontational person…


24 Rebecca @ How the Cookies Crumble April 27, 2010

I remember being invited over to a friend of a friends house when I was probably in about 5th grade. In my eyes, this girl was a “loser” and the only reason I was going to her house was because my best friend was. I’m sure my snobby attitude showed right through because I’ve never forgot her mother saying to us as we walked away, “Play nice, girls.” The girl obviously became one of my best friends and I’m glad I’ve matured from those days, but anytime there is any type of “girl drama” with friends, I’m always reminded of that moment. I bet her mom has no idea she had that much impact on me, but going back to childhood again, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”


25 lindsay von April 27, 2010

Stumbled across your blog over the weekend from a comment you left on Healthy Living with Kelly. Loving it, I’m a recent transplant to Denver so I’ve been checking out your Denver/Boulder tags

As for rude comments, I have a new blog, all two posts of it so I have yet to get any comments let along rude ones. I work retail and see people just completely forget themselves sometimes especially at customer service. It’s like they’ve forgotten the person they are dealing with has feelings and frustrations as well. I echo what everyone else has said, it’s frustrating but I figure it’s their karma plus I feel sorry for them, their lives must be missing something or they are dealing with struggles and are lashing out.


26 RhodeyGirl April 27, 2010

I have gotten a few nasty comments that are either totally passive aggressively rude or straight up rude.

When tracing them back, it was always the same 2 or 3 ip addresses (one of them I recognized). I now block those few people.

I did notice, however, that there is this weird trend to bash other blogs on some people’s own blogs. Even though nothing has been said directly about me, I find it to be hurtful and really rude. We should all be supporting one another in this community and not acting like 1st graders.

Thanks for bringing up an important topic!


27 RhodeyGirl April 27, 2010

Just went back and read other people’s comments. basically, I second what Caitlin said hahahaha


28 peanutbutterfingers April 27, 2010

well considering i got the mean comment of a lifetime on my blog on sunday i appreciate this question!!! i chose to address it, though in the future if i get extremely inappropriate comments like the one i just got (which included a curse word and ridiculous accusations), i will likely delete. my family & my little sister read my blog & they were really upset by the comment & it’s just not worth it.


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