What’s Going on at 35 Weeks

by Heather on January 25, 2012

I’m not sure if you could tell by the title, but today I’m 35 weeks.  35 WEEKS PREGNANT.  It feels like only yesterday we found out that I was pregnant at all and now?  Now in 5 weeks or so we’re going to be welcoming a baby boy into this world.  5 WEEKS.


I’m feeling really really good if you don’t count the occasional panic attack over the fact that, you know, we’re going to be parents.  I will say this though – I thought I was invincible to the exhaustion that everyone says is inevitable in the 3rd trimester.  Who me?  Get tired?  From sitting on my rear end all day?


I’m here to tell you – YES.  I get so completely exhausted just sitting and when you throw actual work and projects and deadlines into the mix?  Let’s just say I’m glad my co-workers know I’m pregnant otherwise I might develop a reputation for being the cranky one.  I’m hoping it’s just endearing though – that maybe they all think the crankiness and inability to keep my eyes open is just cute or something.  I hope.


Workouts have changed a bit too.  Whereas before I would strut my stuff every night to a pregnancy workout video, prenatal yoga, or my favorite WillPower & Grace DVD, I now walk on my lunch break and consider the evening chores of cooking, cleaning, and laundry as the rest of my workout.  My poor, poor dusty weights are probably feeling a bit lonely right now, but when it comes time to stare them down and consider using them…well, it’s just not happening.  And I’m embracing that right now.


I also feel like I need to say that my pride led me at one point to overdo it on the heavy lifting.  I’m tall and I’m strong and I’ve always prided myself on not having to ask for help.  Well, now I need to ask for help because I can definitely tell when I’ve overdone it.  It comes in the form of lower abdominal muscle pain (not contractions, nothing to be worried about) and is one heck of a ride for this paranoid mommy-to-be.  So no more heavy lifting it is!


My friend Lindsay reminded me today that labor could really come at just about any time now (although we’d all love it if he stayed in and baked a little longer).  Talk about a reality check – little dude technically has a place to sleep, a ton of clothes, and (thanks to a shower thrown by my incredible friends Emma and Stefanie) an abundance of diapers.  I figure he probably doesn’t need much else should he surprise us in the next couple of weeks, but that’s motivation enough to get cranking on the nursery for good this weekend.  Which reminds me, I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures!  I did before photos (aren’t you proud I remembered???) and will definitely be doing some afters photos too.  Yay for cleaning and yay for making that room look like an actual person’s room!


One last thing – good news on the gestational diabetes front!  The good news is that I no longer have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day now.  Nope, now we’re down to 3 times a day, which saves my little fingers from one poking a day.  Plus it shows that I’ve been able to control it all with a healthy diet.  We had our 34 week appointment last week and the doctor said that it looks like he’s measuring on the “larger side of normal,” meaning he’s likely going to be around a 7.5-8 lb baby.  Again, not surprising, but definitely enough info to keep me in line with eating well.  I’d like to deliver without a C-section if possible, and although I want him to be as big as he needs to be I don’t want it to be abnormal.  Besides, I feel like the increase in the energy I do have is due to eating well, and Lord knows I need all the help I can get right now anyway!


So there you have it – 35 weeks.  35 weeks of being pregnant and I’m almost full-term.  35 weeks down and 5 weeks to go til we’re parents to a real little human.  35 weeks has never flown by so fast or taught me so much!

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