Too Many Books Too Little Time

by Heather on October 25, 2011

I have a ton of baby books that I have yet to read…and in case you guys didn’t see the panic-stricken posts from last week, we’re over halfway through this pregnancy.



I know that reading can’t completely prepare you for being a mommy, but I do like to go into things prepared.  And having a baby?  Yeah, I’m not prepared to do anything but snuggle him all day long.  But something tells me that snuggling alone doesn’t always do it for a baby.  I’ve also been wanting to read Baby Wise, which has been highly recommended by about 10 people in the last week.  So on top of all the other books we’ll just have to add that one since I want to sleep and want the baby to sleep.  Seems slightly important.


I will say though, last night I was sitting on the couch and feeling him move a little bit and couldn’t help but think that I am so excited to meet him.  And there have been so many friends (including some of you guys!) who have told me that I will just know when the time comes.  I’ll just know how to feed him and have instincts on when to feed and change and play and let him sleep…and that gives me so much comfort.  Although I’m still planning on reading and learning as much as I can, I am getting more comfortable with the idea of being a mommy every day.


Besides, when I think about Nate and his baby pictures and the stories I’ve heard about when he was a baby I can’t help but get excited to have such a sweet baby in our lives. And it makes me that much happier to know that I’ll just get the hang of it!

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