The Due Date

by Heather on February 29, 2012

Well friends, we made it! 40 weeks exactly – and this is kind of what I’ve been looking like lately:
You can’t tell it here (or maybe you can) but I’m exhausted and so ready to just meet the little guy!  He’s still kicking around as usual, but more consistently throughout the day and not nearly as sharply as before (probably due to the lack of room).  I’m good, but tired, and have only been measuring at about 1 cm dilated for the past 4 weeks, although I’ve gone from 50% to 70% effaced (if these terms make no sense to you I’d recommend checking out BabyCenter for more info – hint:  it has to do with the cervix).


We had our 40-week appointment yesterday and our doctor thinks that he’ll make his debut in the next couple of days, although there’s no way to guarantee that (other than inducing, which we aren’t going to do unless he’s not here next week).  My HOPE is that he comes today because it would be sototallyawesome to have a Leap Year baby, I like to plan things out and we’ve been *planning on* today being his birthday, and because I’m sort of ready to have him in my arms and have my body back to being mine.  Well, sort of mine.  Except for the boobs…I suppose those are kind of his for a while.


So here’s the deal:  you guys all probably know by now that I have gestational diabetes and that I’ve been able to control it through diet and exercise.  However, because of the condition my doctor doesn’t want us to go more than a week past the due date, so if he’s not here by next week then we will have to induce labor.  I’m not particularly excited about that prospect, so I’m hoping beyond hope that he decides to come on his own in the next couple of days!  We have the nursery ready (I owe you a picture – or 50), everything is washed and folded and put away, the dogs are clean, and Nate and I are ready to rock and roll.


Well, as ready as you can be to have your lives turned upside-down.


I can’t wait to finally hold the little guy, to look into his eyes and kiss his face and see him and his daddy hanging out!

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