Saturday, Waffle Saturday

by Heather on June 23, 2012

Please pardon my terrible play on theBloody Sunday lyrics.  I just finished working out like a madwoman and I think I left some of my brain in the upstairs living room…


Let’s just get this out there:  I’m not a big waffle eater.  I don’t really love sweet breakfasts (although I usually eat oatmeal anyway).  If I’m springing for a really stellar breakfast and I can pick anything I want, I’m going for biscuits and gravy with eggs and hashbrowns every.single.time.  It’s how I roll – no shame!


My husband on the other hand lives for waffles, pancakes and French Toast.  LIVES.  Like a Saturday isn’t a Saturday without one of those three on a plate in front of him for breakfast. So today I decided that I was feeling extra spunky and sweet and made him waffles.  Chocolate chip waffles to be exact.

Y’all, these were fantastic.  Make ’em.  The end.  :)

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