Playing Catch Up

by Heather on September 29, 2011

We have a lot to catch up on!  I’m going to be honest here, I held on you guys for a while.  I didn’t feel comfortable sharing the news yet and honestly I was still hurting from our miscarriage to the point where we were only OK with telling really close family and friends.  The thing is, even if the same thing had happened I would have shared that again, but I wasn’t ready.  Not yet.


That being said here we are and I feel the desire to share with you guys all that has been going on, what IS going on, and what will be happening in the future.  The main focus of the blog will still be food, but I can’t just ignore this part of my life and as such will be posting about what I’m going through as well.  I’ve always considered Heather’s Dish to be about things that are important to me in my life and our babies are DEFINITELY important to me!  So just to catch you up a little here is a little information that I’m planning on going more in depth on as we move along:

  1. I am now, at this very moment, 18 weeks pregnant.  I held out for a very very very long time!
  2. I am very blessed in that morning sickness wasn’t as bad as it could be…but was definitely worse than last time.  I threw up 3 times, whereas before I didn’t get sick at all.  Thankfully it was all in the afternoon and never happened at work!
  3. I lost about 5 pounds in the first trimester, which I’ve been told is completely normal, and have now gained a total of 4 pounds.  I do NOT plan on knowing my weight during this time, although I do want to know the total weight gain since the risk of diabetes is on both sides of the baby’s family.  And my clothes?  All of my clothes still fit, although I have to admit I don’t feel quite as svelte as I once did and I’m 100% OK with that.
  4. I craved nothing but burritos for pretty much the entire first trimester.  But who am I kidding, I crave burritos all the time anyway!
  5. After the initial blood tests they found that my progesterone levels were low, and so I started to take Prometrium to supplement that.  I only had to take it for a month or so, but it was pretty terrible.  I was and am willing to do whatever I need to to make sure that things go smoothly for the baby.
  6. At around 9 weeks I started to feel some random pains in my abdomen, so I freaked out and went in to the doctor.  Turns out it was just gas.  I’ve never been so happy to have gas in my life…
  7. I think I started nesting earlier than most.  I have now created a 3-page single-spaced document outlining in detail what we need to do to deep-clean the house, garage, yard, and then change the office into a nursery and the extra bedroom into an office.  Nate is stoked.  Not.
  8. The dogs are completely oblivious, but I try to tell myself that they know what’s going on.  Isn’t Bunker snuggling more than normal?  And it seems like Keira sure is hanging around me more than she used to…
  9. I have days, hours, and moments where I get terrified that we’re going to lose this baby too.  And then I remember the fact that I have not been promised anything, but that no matter what happens I am a woman loved and adored by God and that is more than enough.  But I still get scared.
  10. We are going to find out the gender of our sweet child in less than two weeks.  I don’t care either way what it is – I just want a healthy child!  I think about Nate with a little girl and my heart completely melts…but then I think about snuggling a little boy and it melts that way too.  We are just so excited at the thought of being parents!

So there you have it – a little snippet of what’s been happening.  If you have questions I’d be more than happy to answer them the best that I can.  I’m just so excited to finally be able to share this incredible news with you all!


And again:  thanks for being so loving and encouraging during this entire year.  You guys are awesome!





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1 April @ Grits and Granola Bars September 29, 2011

Oh, yay! Congrats you and Nate! I wish you the healthiest and happiest pregnancy and birth imaginable! <3


2 Anne September 29, 2011

Oh, congratulations!!! This brought a smile to my face. So excited for you two!


3 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen September 29, 2011

Congrats again! I find #7 pretty funny only because I’m picturing the document and Nate’s face ;)


4 Kristina @ spabettie September 29, 2011

oh, sweetie, I am SO happy for you both!! big hugs!


5 Heather (Where's the Beach) September 29, 2011



6 Elle September 29, 2011

Oh my gosh, Heather–so thrilled for you! I wish you and Nate all the best! You take it easy, ok? No heavy lifting or anything. Put your feet up. :)


7 Allie @ The Constant Pursuit September 29, 2011

What absolutely WONDERFUL news! I actually let out a little squeal out here in Ohio…


8 Heather September 29, 2011

So very happy for you and Nate. I can totally understand waiting to share. I’m 8 weeks- and feel nothing. Haven’t been sick, no cravings, nothing. My 1st doctors appointment isn’t for another week, and I am trying so hard not to be anxious. It’s in God’s hands.
Anyways- I am so excited to read your posts during this wonderful, and exciting time.


9 Anna @ On Anna's Plate September 29, 2011

I don’t blame you for waiting so long…plus, it’s kind of fun to feel like you have a secret :-) Of course, now I’m glad to know because we can talk babies on both our blogs!!! :-) So excited for y’all!


10 Estela @ Weekly Bite September 29, 2011

I’m so happy for you :)


11 Krystina (Organically Me) September 29, 2011

This has been a difficult year for you, but your positivity in knowing that you are loved and blessed is astounding. I can’t wait to hear more about your little miracle. :)


12 Mary Beth September 29, 2011

As a person who is having a little trouble starting a family, thank you so much for this post. I’m so excited for you and reading your experience is inspiring. I have to remind myself that I too am not promised anything, and I need to put it in God’s hands. :)


13 Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) September 29, 2011

Such a cute picture!


14 katecooks September 29, 2011

what lovely news to read. i’m happy for you two! can’t wait to hear more :)


15 Katie @ Healthy Heddleston September 29, 2011

I’m so happy for you Heather!!!


16 Lauren September 29, 2011

Hey Heather! First, I have to tell you CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you and I know how much you want and deserve this. :) I had a question on the proestrogene you took. My husband and I are currently trying and since I went off the pill 4 months ago, I still have yet to get my period. I started taking a proestrogene to kick start my period but I’m wondering if there is anything else I can do to help this process? Again, I am so happy for you!!! I never knew how hard this would be until I was in this position and it’s really starting to wear on me.


17 Heather September 29, 2011

oh yikes…to be honest i don’t really know. they put me on progesterone to help support the pregnancy; i didn’t start taking it before. we’ve been incredibly lucky in that we were able to get pregnant easily. when i went off the pill it took about 2 months for me to get my period back consistently, but if you’re still not getting yours i’d definitely recommend chatting with your doctor!

i hope that helps!


18 stephanie September 29, 2011

oh my goodness, i am so excited for you two. I’m praying for you and your sweet babe. I hope this pregnancy goes smoothly and that God eases your fears and that you find comfort. haha i love the story about your gas!


19 Paula September 29, 2011

Congratulations so excited for y’all xox


20 Urban Wife September 29, 2011

Many prayers for you to continue having a healthy pregnancy! I totally understand about waiting to share the news. It’s funny because when I first saw your video on the Karina dress giveaway post, one of my first thoughts was that maybe you were holding back something. I guess you were! :)


21 lindsay September 29, 2011

i’m so glad you shared with us heather! and I can’t wait to follow along your journey. Burritos and all!


22 emily September 29, 2011

Congratulations! I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy! I cried when I read this, you deserve only the best!


23 Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun September 29, 2011

Yay!!! Loved hearing more details. And OH.MY.GOODNESS! I just realized it is Thursday. Like as I’m typing this. Friend FAIL. :(


24 Elizabeth September 29, 2011

I am just so super excited for you two!! You are going to be amazing parents :) Can’t wait to hear about everything!!!


25 Ashley September 29, 2011

Sending lots of prayers and well-wishes yalls way! Such an exciting time for you both!


26 Jenny September 29, 2011

1. Such a GORGEOUS photo!
2. Congratulations! – I know we have never met – BUT – that won’t stop the prayers! This is a fabulous post..all the best!


27 Rebecca September 29, 2011

How exciting!!!!!!!


28 Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty September 29, 2011

So excited for you! I love babies! :)


29 Salah (BEAT) September 30, 2011

I love you so much sister!!!! Such an exciting time for you guys, and I seriously cannot wait to be an aunt! I already gave them a heads up at lululemon that around March I’ll be flying out at the last minute to be with ya’ll!!! :-) I LOVE YOU!


30 Lauren at Keep It Sweet September 30, 2011

I’m so happy to hear that you are pregnant and healthy! Can’t wait to hear more about the baby to come:-)


31 Anne September 30, 2011

Although being scared of losing this baby is TOTALLY normal, remember that not only are you sovereignly loved and protected by God but your baby is, too! Whether or not we understand His will, we know that it (and He) is perfect!


32 Christie September 30, 2011

How exciting! I am sure you’re a but worried, which is natural- as you already know.

I’ll keep you in my prayers for a long, healthy & FULL pregnancy =)


33 Jeana September 30, 2011

I normally just lurk here and read over your yummy recipes :) but I just wanted to say “Congratulations”! You seem like a super cool chick who will make a wonderful mother! God Bless you, Nate, and baby.


34 Sophie @ LoveLiveAndLearn September 30, 2011

Oh congratulations that’s such fantastic news!
I can’t imagine anyone making a better mother :-)
I can’t wait to here more about everything!


35 janetha September 30, 2011

I am so happy for you guys, again, I can’t say it enough. Looking forward to hearing about it and possibly seeing some crafty burrito recipes ;)


36 Whitney September 30, 2011

Heather I am so happy for you!!! I can’t wait to see beautiful pics of your baby! Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!


37 CareyPence October 3, 2011

Congrats (again)!! I am catching up and reading backwards… I’m a longtime lurker and might have posted here or there.
Its definitely an exciting time in your house!! I completely craved mexican food in my pregnancies, I could have eaten it 24×7, maybe with a little Indian food thrown into the mix. :)
Watch your pups as you get further along our yellow lab TOTALLY knew I was in labor before I did, a friend came by to take him with her on a hike while I was a work and he would NOT leave my side (normally he would have bounded into her car) but he kept running back to me and crying. Cut to 16 hours later and we were holding our first little girl.
I hope you have a fantastic pregnancy and savor each moment of it!! :)


38 Robin Sue October 3, 2011

So happy for you both- I am praying for you Heather that this will be a safe and healthy baby, delivery, and everything will be awesome!!


39 Kim in MD October 6, 2011

What wonderful news! Congratulations, Heather and Nate! :-) :-)


40 Amy @ Elephant Eats October 7, 2011

I love your blog but don’t usually comment. But I just wanted to pop in to give you a huge CONGRATULATIONS! I know how hard it was for you when you miscarried and what a giant blessing this new baby is for you now…and I’m so so happy for you :)


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