Morning Sickness

by Heather on October 4, 2011

Morning sickness.  No one looks forward to it, although it seems that for a lot of women (definitely not all though – lucky!) it’s a sign of pregnancy.  For me it was almost welcomed in a weird way…it meant that something was happening with my body.  I wasn’t going crazy…I was actually repulsed by food and anything that smelled like cooking.

Without going into too much detail, morning sickness for me was weird.  It was most of the time feeling completely nauseated without ever actually getting sick.  It meant that food and food smells made me gag, as well as most things that had a smell to them too.  The thought of mint gum (one of my favorite things) and my own deodorant made me queasy.  My doctor and mom both said to eat every 2 hours to help keep my blood sugar up and calm the morning sickness…but I wasn’t hungry every 2 hours.  It got to the point that I would start crying because I didn’t want to eat anymore…and those are thoughts and words I never thought I’d say.  But it’s true – I was SO tired of food.  And the only thing that sounded good for breakfast, lunch and dinner were burritos from Chipotle.  Poor Nate!  He’s not a fan of Chipotle, but he bravely ate there for almost 2 solid weeks because it’s what I needed.  All I have to say is thank goodness for chicken burritos…thank goodness.


Morning sickness for me lasted from around week 7 to week 13, which I’m happy to say is not as long as I was afraid it would be.  But don’t you guys worry – the appetite is back in full swing!  I love food again, love the smell of it, and get excited about cooking in the kitchen.  Although I have to say – those of you who are moms who have more than one kiddo and have had to deal with morning sickness in both pregnancies?  Yeah.  You guys are brave.  Very, very, very brave…


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