Karina Dresses – Maternity Style & Beyond

by Heather on March 29, 2012

You guys remember that one time when I spent a weekend in San Francisco with a ton of incredible food bloggers at the Foodbuzz Festival?

Me too.  It was an incredible weekend!

[photo from A Foodie Stays Fit]

While I was there I was about 28 weeks pregnant, which loosely translated means that I looked sort of pregnant if you squint your eyes juuuuuuuuuust right and spin around 3 times.  Either pregnant or just overweight.  You know, whatever…but regardless, it’s a crucial time during pregnancy where I had tons of energy to walk around San Francisco but needed to be comfortable and feel like I looked good too.

The last night I was there we attended a fabulous dinner that was definitely fancier than the girl that I normally am.  When I was packing for the trip I knew we would have this gala to attend and that I would need to look nice, but since I’m usually a carry-on only gal I knew that I would need something that would travel well.  Because a prerequisite to being a non-fancy-carry-on girl is also not ironing.  Ironing?  What’s that?  And how is it done?

Nevermind, don’t tell me.  I probably won’t pay attention :)

So here are the things that I needed from a dress:

  1. It had to first and foremost be comfortable – I had to be able to eat a great meal after walking 6 miles after all!
  2. I needed to look good and FEEL like I looked good – remember that whole being pregnant thing?  Yeah, that will play tricks with your head and you just feel sort of blah in just about anything.  I wanted to feel as beautiful as I knew/know in my head that I was/am.
  3. It had to pack easily in a very full carry-on bag.  No way was I paying extra to check a bag!
  4. It had to come out of said carry-on bag in mint condition.  No ironing, remember?
  5. It had to be gala-appropriate – I didn’t need to look like I was wearing a formal gown, but it needed to be something that would be fashionable and gorgeous in addition to all of the other things.

That being said, I chose to go with my favorite dress ever, the Karina Dress that I received last summer.  Y’all, I can’t begin to explain how great this dress worked out.  It met every requirement I had, and made me feel absolutely gorgeous.  I had so many compliments on it while at the gala and even paired it with some black leggings, a cardigan and boots for the trip home.  Versatile, beautiful, and easy.


Want your own Karina dress (whether you’re pregnant or not)?  Just use this discount code – DISH30 – when checking out on their online store – you’ll get $30 off your purchase, but even more you’ll be getting a fabulous dress from an outstanding company!


Now that’s something a non-fancy gal can really get behind!

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