Just When You Think You’re in the Clear…

by Heather on December 19, 2011

Well guys, I went back and forth on whether or not to write about this.  Remember a few days ago when I went in for my 1-hour glucose screening?

Yeah.  I failed.  Big, fat F.

There’s something about that word, ‘failure’, that can completely ruin the rest of the day.  After chatting with the nurse and doing some research I’ve found that it’s not necessarily due to my behaviors, my eating, or really anything other than the way my body is responding to the hormones that come with pregnancy.  I also have never had any signs of sugar in my urine samples or anything else to indicate that I may have a problem.  And yet that failure, that word, has had such a crazy lasting impact on me.

Tuesday morning I went in for the 3 hour glucose test, which basically meant fasting for 12 hours, getting blood drawn 4 different times, and having to drink another sugary drink.  Although I tried to look at the bright side (“Hey!  I get to miss work and I’m not even sick!”), I can’t say that it was the most thrilling experience of my life.  Also, I was hungry.  Real hungry.

Last week I got the call that not only did I fail my first test, but two of the three blood samples they took with the 3-hour glucose test came back with elevated glucose levels.  That, in a nutshell, basically means that I do have gestational diabetes.  I’m now being referred to a endocrinologist and a dietitian to manage it – but all I can think about is that I’m letting our baby down.  I feel like I’ve done everything I know how to do to keep him safe and happy in there, and the fact that my body seems to be revolting against me and putting him in danger for issues later in life – well, it kills me.

I go in today for my first appointment with the endocrinologist to be assessed and start taking steps to manage the problem.  I’ve already been eating pretty well, but have completely cut out all processed sugar from my diet (no cookies, candy, cake, or anything).  I’ve been eating ridiculous amounts of lean meat and veggies, very little fruit, and cutting out bread when I don’t need it.  I’ve also been exercising more and taking measures to control it the best I can that way.  Other than that I’m not sure what I can do (and I suppose that’s why I’m visiting a specialist).  I just hope and pray that he’s doing OK in there, and that it’s not too late to totally eliminate any of the issues that could come along later in his life.

All this to say I’m going to be making some major changes around here on what I cook for myself and Nate…and sure, I’ll still make things that are delightful and sinful from time to time for the blog (even if I’ll have to have Nate be the sole taste-tester), but the priority is our little dude and making sure he’s healthy and strong.  And, well, since you guys know just about everything else about me (and the fact that I don’t need to go through this alone), I wanted to share this part of our journey with you.  Our road to starting a family hasn’t been super smooth and picture-perfect, and this latest issue is yet another example of that.  BUT I believe that we’ll get through it and that our little man will be exactly the man he’s supposed to be.  I’ll be sure to update you guys when I know more, but any thoughts and prayers for the little baby growing in my belly – well, that would be the greatest Christmas gift of all.

Much love,


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