Birthday News!

by Heather on September 28, 2011

I never thought that my 27th year on this earth would be one of the hardest, most difficult ones ever, but I also never dreamed that I would feel so incredibly loved and happy either.

This year (literally starting with September 28, 2010 – my birthday) my Papa passed away, I dealt with trials of self-doubt that I’d never experienced before, we lost our first baby to miscarriage, and my Grandpa passed away.  That was all within the first 7 months, and since then I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of it all.  But that being said I’ve had more chances to see my family, friends, and loved ones and have been encouraged in ways that I never thought possible.  I’ve learned that I can overcome the trials of self-doubt, loss, and seemingly unending sadness.  And I’ve learned that who I am as a redeemed woman in Christ matters more than any other label, size, stereotype, or position I can ever imagine.  I’ve lost hope and gained it back in increments more substantial than ever before, and I am so looking forward to my 28th year!

As always my family has been my rock, loving me and speaking truth into my life at all times.  I love you guys more than I could ever express!  Thank you all so much for being such great friends to me.  Those of you who I see and talk to daily and weekly and to those of you that I’ve never actually met have all touched my life in so many ways over the past 12 months, and without your encouragement it would have been substantially more difficult.  You have all forced me, ready or not, to become a stronger and much better woman, and for that there aren’t enough “thank you’s” in the world!

On that note, i want to share the best thing to come out of this 27th year – something that will change our world forever and one that I hope to talk about for a very long time:

Much love,


Heather (and Nate and BabyD) (and Bunker and Keira – always :))


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