22 Weeks

by Heather on October 27, 2011

Let's face it: this photo has nothing to do with this post. I just kind of like my particular brand of dorkiness!

22 weeks.


22 weeks of guessing and thinking and praying and crying and having some of the craziest dreams known to man.

Ah yes the dreams.  No one ever told me the vivid craziness that would ensue at night when I closed my eyes and the wacky, completely bizarre stories that I would awaken my husband with.

There’s the dream that I had about walking on the beach in Hawaii only to find out that I was being followed by mobsters.  They threatened my family and so I got in their faces and scared them away.  Clearly mobsters have nothing on a 28-year-old girl from Texas walking on a beach in Hawaii.  Perfect sense.

Or how about the times that I’ve dreamed about miscarrying?  The vividness of the blood and the realness of the emotions being felt – those are not favorites.  Those make me wake up crying and cause me to worry all day long.  If I could kick dreams in the crotch those would be the dreams that get it.

Let’s see…there’s the dream that I had just a few nights ago where I dreamed within the dream (WHOA now Inception) that I miscarried and then woke up in the dream only to feel our little guy give a big solid kick for the first time.  The second part made for a very VERY happy dream and a very snuggly mama when I woke up in real life.

My favorite though – and this is embarrassing but completely hilarious – is the dream that I had where Nate and I were shooting a wedding and I kept uncontrollably farting LOUD in the middle of the vows portion of the ceremony.  Just thinking of it now is making me shake with laughter…too bad no one else in the dream was nearly as amused as I was!

The dreams – I know that every night I go to bed I will wake up somewhat entertained by the things going on in my sleep!  What about you?  What’s the craziest dream, pregnant or not, that you’ve ever had?  I need someone to make me feel not as alone in the farting dream world…

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