15 Weeks

October 7, 2014

HOW FAR ALONG ARE YOU?  15 weeks and 1 day! The baby is roughly the size of an apple   GENERALLY FEELING: Definitely more energy and I’m starting to find some relief occasionally from the nausea, but nights are still hard. The nausea sets in right after dinner, right before we put Wes down, and lasts […]

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Sunday Slow Cooker Chili

October 6, 2014

This recipe was originally created for the Arkansas Farm Bureau. Fall is by far my favorite season for many reasons. It always reminds me of back-to-school time with new backpacks, pens and fresh reams of paper just waiting with possibility. But then it’s also a time when cooler weather, crisp mornings, steaming mugs of coffee […]

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Inspired Week

October 3, 2014

My sweet friend Beth has a SUPER amazing series on her blog about Evernote. I have yet to become an Evernote ninja, but I love the idea of something that can house all the things! Here’s the series: An Evernote Primer, Adopting the Ways of the Cult and Enabling Super Ninja Powers.   I thought […]

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Top 10 Things I’ve Cried About This Pregnancy

October 1, 2014

First: isn’t my new ukulele pretty? I’m going to rock that thing…promise to post videos when that happens So as much as I was hoping to feel better now that I’m in the second trimester…well, let’s just say I hadn’t seen anything yet. Monday was ROUGH, yesterday was hard, and we’ll just see what today […]

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The (second) Big Fat First Trimester Post

September 29, 2014

YAY! So we can finally talk pregnancy on here – are you guys excited? I sure hope so, because some of the posts I love reading the most are about what’s going on in the everyday life of a blogger. Y’all, pregnancy is amazing (note I didn’t say it FELT amazing) in the way that […]

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Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Parfaits

September 26, 2014

As with everyone else on the planet, I’m super stoked that it’s fall. I don’t even care that we’re still traipsing about in shorts and T-shirts…it’s those cool nights and chilly mornings that make this girl’s heart go pitter-patter. That and the warmth of the almighty pumpkin spice blend that I’ll happily dump in everything […]

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Inspired Week

September 25, 2014

This story of a football player and a women’s book club. Tears, smiles, all of it – I loved this story and the video! You never know whose life you can touch by just a few simple words.   Anything Jess writes is pretty much amazing, but I loved this sweet + simple post from […]

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Fall Style: Silver Boots

September 24, 2014

A little over a month ago we went on our very first trip – EVER – to Nashville, Tennessee. I’ll be honest and say that it was a REALLY cool city with a lot of fun things to do, but in the throws of morning (read: all day, nonstop) pregnancy sickness it was hard for […]

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Egg Biscuit Sandwiches with Cheesy Gravy

September 23, 2014

The longer I’m a mom the more and more I see just how important family is to me. It’s not that I didn’t know before; no, for a very long time I’ve known that family would be a huge factor in my life. But seeing just how much of an impact having a close family […]

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Our Next Big Announcement

September 22, 2014

Details to come soon, but for now we are happy to announce this sweet, amazing blessing to you all!   Much love,   Heather & Nate

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