ChefMom Sunday

April 6, 2014

Pizza-flavored roasted broccoli Chocolate cake for one  

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Strawberry Cheesecake Protein Smoothie

April 4, 2014

THE FOLLOWING POST IS SPONSORED BY FITFLUENTIAL ON BEHALF OF DAISY COTTAGE CHEESE. I am so so thrilled that y’all are enjoying the Blended series! I have had (and am still having) a fantastic time creating these smoothie recipes and sharing some of my favorite bloggers in the process.   This first smoothie recipe is […]

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Chocolate Espresso Protein Smoothie from The Lemon Bowl

April 3, 2014

When I decided to start the Blended series I knew that I wanted to create a desire to drink more smoothies, but I also thought that it would be a great way to share the love of some of my favorite food bloggers as well. Since most food bloggers have at least one smoothie recipe […]

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Blended: An Introduction & Basics

April 2, 2014

Hello sweet friends! I am really excited to announce that for the month of April I’m going to be doing a series on smoothies called Blended! Now I’m sure some of you may be thinking that it sounds kind of lame. An entire month dedicated to smoothie recipes? Really? YES REALLY.   If you haven’t […]

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12 Instagrammers You Should Totally Follow

March 31, 2014

Every blogger has their favorite social media outlet, and mine is (and by a long shot) Instagram. In blogging it’s kind of assumed that any social media outlet you have should be utilized to promote the blog, which basically then means that all outlets are overtaken by a more business mindset. But y’all, Instagram is […]

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How to Make a Coconut Oil Latte

March 27, 2014

Coffee. You all, I’m sure, know by now that I love the stuff. Most mornings I drink it straight from our $15 Mr. Coffee brewer, but I love dopio espressos or a good French press as well. In the summers I crave iced coffee like there’s no tomorrow. Fun story: when we lived in Colorado […]

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On Humility in Blogging

March 25, 2014

From Julie & Julia: “Okay, maybe I’m being a little narcissistic. Okay, a 9.3 [on a scale of 10]. But what do you think a blog is? It’s me, me, me, day after day!” I’ve been struggling lately. Struggling with fitting everything in every day. Struggling to put life first and the blog second. Struggling […]

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Honey Sriracha Cashews

March 24, 2014

I’m not trying to brag or anything, because I know so many of you are stuck inside with gross snowy weather, but y’all – the SUN is SHINING these days, the air is warmer, and we are starting to see little blooms on some of the bushes we have outside. I’m getting ready for swimsuit […]

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ChefMom Sunday

March 23, 2014

Black bean soup with chorizo Shaved Brussels sprouts with almonds, dried cherries and warm bacon dressing Twice baked cauliflower Shaved fennel and roasted red pepper pizza

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Pineapple Pomegranate Baked Chicken Breasts

March 21, 2014

You guys know this expat Texan girl loves her some ranch dressing, right? I mean let’s get real here – I honestly cannot think of a single savory dish that could not be made better with a hefty dose of ranch (either dressing or seasoning), and as far as I’m concerned it will always be […]

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