Our Little Family

Our story is simple:  man meets woman, they fall in love and get married on January 6, 2007.  March 2007 they adopt their first precious puppy, Bunker (a 100-lb chocolate lab mix).  September 2009 they adopt their second precious puppy, Keira (a 45-lb black lab mix).  February 23, 2011 their first baby, Story, was born into the hands of the Lord after 12 weeks.  And then most joyfully:  March 8, 2012 they have their first child, Weston.  And life was never the same.

On this page you’ll find the updates on our little family since the birth of Weston.  We are overjoyed to share this piece of our life with you!


Our Birth Announcement

Weston Jay


Our Birth Story

Expect the Unexpected


Our Weekly Updates

Week 2:  Hanging in There
Week 3:  The Art of Being Humbled

Week 4:  Nothin’ But Love

Week 5:  Growing Up Too Fast

Week 6:  So Much Fun!

Week 7:  I Wish Time Would Stand Still

Week 8:  The Cutest
Week 9:  Hands, Shots and Birthdays!
Week 10:  Little Man Alert!
Week 11:  Full-Fledged Baby
Week 12:  Baby’s First Vacation
Three Months Old!
Four Months Old!
Five Months Old!
Six Months Old!
Seven Months Old!
Eight Months Old!
Nine Months Old!
Ten Months Old!
Eleven Months Old!
Twelve Months Old!


Random Musings on Parenthood

Overwhelmed with Love
Amazing Grace

My First Mother’s Day
A Day in the Life of Wes at 2 Months
Traveling with a 3-Month-Old
What to Expect When Flying with a Baby
5 Things I’ve Learned…From Becoming a Mother
Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
My Heart Knows Yours
Happy First Birthday!
On Having a Son


Family Friday!

Family Friday Part 1
Family Friday Part 2
Family Friday Part 3
Family Friday Part 4
Family Friday Part 5
Family Friday Part 6
Family Friday Part 7
Family Friday Part 8
Family Friday Part 9


The State of Motherhood Address

SOMA – Part 1
SOMA – Part 2
SOMA – Part 3
SOMA – Part 4

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{ 7 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Mom June 10, 2012

Wow! 3 months–he has changed since you were here. I love the pictures today. You all are such a sweet family even if I do say so myself. We sure enjoyed having you here and miss seeing all 3 of you. We look forward to seeing you soon.

You have probably texted or talked to Salah–she seemed to be much better when I left Friday. She was pretty miserable Wednesday and a bit better on Thursday. She was luckier than you since she only had some top ones.

We mailed a card to Nate yesterday (6-10) so he should get it Tuesday or Wednesday I would think. He is such a good Daddy–matches what a good Mommy you are.

Love you all,

Mom and Dad


2 Erin January 30, 2013

Your little boy is beautiful. I have recently gotten back into blogging and it is so nice looking back on blogs that I would read a couple of years ago and see all the changes and new additions. Excited to catch up (:


3 Heather January 30, 2013

Thank you so much Erin! Glad you’re back :)


4 JR FISHER May 25, 2013

Ms Heather,
I just wanted to tell you your site is inspiring. So glad there are some young people who still know the value of “core values.” I found your site while researching BUMBLE BEE FOODS and was interested in the “Salmon/black Bean Cakes.”…they look delicious. I hope to try your recipe. I promise you if you stay focused on your family and value your role as a wife and mother and love the Lord, your life will be filled with joy. I know, we raised six children and now have 16 grandchildren who continue to bring joy to our lives…its our Heavenly Fathers Plan. Best Wishes JRFisher


5 Heather May 25, 2013

Thank you so much JR!


6 mcarter September 5, 2013

Oh my goodness! I just read your story & it is identical to my early motherhood. I too lost a baby at 12 weeks. Four years later, my Weston was born. That was in 1990. Now he is a fine young man about to celebrate his first anniversary. My husband & I searched & searched for a name that we felt would be as unique as Weston. In 1990, he was the only one. Now, I am hearing it more & more. You are just starting out in life, & it will go by so fast! I ended up with 2 more daughters & suffering one more miscarriage. My middle daughter just graduated high school & we are left with only one daughter at home now. Seems like yesterday they were just babies. I wish you & your little family the very best!


7 Heather September 5, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing! I hate knowing that other mommies have felt the pain of miscarriage, but it’s also nice to know we’re all in this together. And how cool is it that your son is named Weston too?!?! Love it :)


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