Me Against the Christmas Tree

by Heather on November 30, 2010

Beautiful and amazing Ashley is on Faces of Beauty today!


First things first I feel the need to get this off my chest:  I’m addicted to caffeine.  I’m the reason Starbucks has massive sizes for coffee, I’m the reason the vending machine runs out of Diet Coke in the breakroom when I need a quick afternoon fix.  I’m the reason our coffee machine at home is quickly wearing down.  It’s me.


It’s all me.


So lately I’ve decided that it would be a good idea to break myself of this horrible habit by stopping cold turkey.  Genius?  Probably not.  Helpful in the long run?  Yes.  And since yesterday was my first day of being almost caffeine free (when I say cold turkey I mean I had a little bit and nothing else the rest of the day) I also had a massive headache the likes of which made me want to not put up the Christmas tree.

I know, I know.  BUT the good news is that I’m married to a man who said it’s OK to ween myself off of caffeine and it’s OK to take some Excedrin to do so.  And honey let’s put up the Christmas tree, you’ll regret it if you don’t.  And sweetie I’m making chocolate sauce for ice cream and will share it with you.  Really.  He said all of those things.  I am a lucky woman :)


So put up the Christmas tree we did.

I even went so far as to put lights on the mantle.  That’s right, it’s OK…you can call me an overachiever!

I’m not going to show a ton of ornaments just yet because we have a lot of really fun ones that are very meaningful, but I WILL show my Texas Tech pride (even though this is Nate’s…I’m younger…just let that be known…)!

My favorite ornaments though are the different glass ones that you can find just about anywhere.  These are gorgeous because they let the light shine through them…

And what girl doesn’t love sparkles?

Christmas trees are one of my favorite things in the world…and headache or not I’m so glad we put ours up last night to the tune of Home Alone last night!

Now could someone beer me a cup of coffee???

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