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by Heather on November 17, 2010

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Y’all, the weather here lately has been so bizarre…snow coming out of nowhere, high winds, and lots of chill.  Obviously it’s coming on winter, but I guess I was just hoping Colorado was going to hold off just a wee bit longer!

Alas, it has not and we find ourselves in the midst of very cold mornings, days, and nights.  Now I know you don’t have to be from Texas to enjoy chili, but I know that I really can’t get enough of the stuff when it starts getting colder and colder out.  And when I ran across this recipe AND had it highly recommended I knew it was time to change the game.  As Nate said last night, chili to him is full of beef and has a red gravy and tons of spice, but let’s just say he didn’t go back for a second helping for nothing 😉

Above is cayenne pepper.  Want to hear a story about cayenne pepper?  This one time I was making a 2-serving batch of vegetarian chili and added 2 Tbsp of cayenne pepper.




Let’s just say I was sweating profusely at work while I sat under the A/C with the fan on.  Attractive?  No.  Oh-so-delicious?  YES!

You want to follow the recipe exactly because it’s EXACTLY right just how it is!  If you want more spice, add more green chiles and cayenne.  If not, just go with the recipe because it’s still super mild.

But just make sure that no matter what you do you go make it!

Topped with cheese and served with a side of cornbread, this chili is up there with one of my favorites of all time.  I still love the spicy red beef chili, but this was a welcome change!

Now if only lunch could hurry up so I can have the leftovers 😉

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