Halloween Oreo Frozen Yogurt

by Heather on October 23, 2012

OK here’s the deal:  I’m not going to pretend this is healthy, although it’s certainly healthier than full-fat ice cream.  I’m not going to pretend that it’s not just as delicious though.


You guys know me – when it comes to Halloween I’m not super involved.  I love handing out candy to kiddos who stop by, but I’m don’t dream for months about costumes or parties.  It’s just not that big of a deal for me – but if you give me a chance to play with Oreos?  I’m all in.  ALL IN I TELL YOU!

If you have an ice cream maker you definitely have a leg up with freezing this so it’s nice and creamy.  You’ll also want to make sure that you make it a few hours before you want to serve it (not days in advance).  Since the yogurt doesn’t have the fat content that cream does it takes a while to thaw and it won’t have the same texture.  That being said, if you DO make it ahead of time or you have leftovers, keep ’em – just set it out to thaw at room temperature for 30-ish minutes and it’ll be good as gold.


The best part of all of this though?  There’s a pretty snazzy giveaway if you scroll to the bottom.  Gives a whole new meaning to trick or TREAT from our friends at Kitchen Play and Oreo!


  • 32 ounces vanilla Greek yogurt (if you can find 1% or 2% that would work best)
  • 1 package (15.35 ounces, 30 cookies) Halloween Oreos (regular ones will obviously work fine but the Halloween version is fun for this time of year!)
  • 1 can (12 ounces) evaporated milk
  • 1 cup powdered sugar, sifted

If you have an automatic ice cream maker, freeze the insert beforehand.  In a large bowl whisk together the evaporated milk and powdered sugar until the sugar is dissolved.  Stir in the yogurt until smooth.  Break up the Oreos into pieces – you’re going for a cookies & cream effect here – and gently fold into the yogurt mixture.  If you’re using an ice cream maker follow the instructions for that particular model.  Freeze for 2 hours before serving.


If you’re not using an ice cream maker, follow all of the instructions to make the yogurt mixture, but pour it into a freezer-safe bowl and freeze for 1-3 hours, stirring gently every 20-30 minutes, until the mixture comes to the desired consistency for frozen yogurt.  Serve immediately.

Kitchen PLAY is giving away two OREO Halloween prize packs filled with goodies like: a spider spatula and apron, pumpkin cupcake holders, a Halloween serving dish, Halloween sprinkles and of course, Halloween OREOs. To enter, simply recreate any OREO dessert from this Kitchen PLAY event, or come up with your own. Post about it on your site and provide a link to that post in the comments on this Kitchen PLAY page

 Multiple entries are allowed, as long as a separate OREO dessert post is created for each entry. Deadline is midnight ET on November 5. This sweepstakes will also take place at Thanksgiving and the holidays, so the earlier you enter, the more chances to win! Full sweepstakes guidelines can be found at Kitchen PLAY.
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