Barilla Microwaveable Meals: My Moving Lifesaver

by Heather on September 27, 2012

OK so first of all, like I said in the video:  thanks for putting up with the iPhone and my shaky recording abilities.  We’ll blame it on the fact that I was hungry and that I’m still in the unpacking process for the rest of my life – too bad one day I’ll have to stop using that excuse!


Anyway, earlier in September I came home from our lake vacation to find a big fat package of Barilla microwaveable meals on our doorstep.  It’s funny, I feel like I only ever get packages in the mail whenever I’m actually not able to receive them for a while – does that happen to anyone else?!  Needless to say, I dug in immediately and ate literally all but one of the meals before realizing that I was supposed to do a post about them.  OOPS.

So let me just say first of all that these meals actuallytaste good.  I know that I have always kind of strayed away from the microwaveble pastas because I’m kind of a snob about the texture of the pasta that I eat.  I like it al dente, and if it’s even a tad overcooked I actually hate eating it.  Microwaves, while convenient and frequently used in our house, are not the most consistent cooking tools in the world after all.  When I made my first Barilla meal I was a little skeptical, but honestly once I tasted it I was really excited about the product.  The texture is perfect (although if you like softer pasta there are instructions that will help you achieve that texture as well), the flavor is good and nutritionally they don’t contain artificial ingredients AND are lower-calorie meals.

There are 5 different flavors:

Tomato & Basil
Spicy Marinara
Whole Grain Tomato & Basil
Whole Grain Vegetable Marinara

I will say that, while I really liked the flavor of the meals, they honestly all tasted the same to me.  Still good, but just not that different.  I’d say that would be the only “down side” to them, although the flavor is still delicious and I would still 100% recommend them.

You guys know how out of control my life has been lately with our move and having life in limbo for about a month, but I have to say that I was really glad to know that I could eat well without going through a lot of effort to do so.  These meals are literally ready in 60 seconds, which is a plus even when I’m not in the midst of packing our house up during nap times.  And as Wes continues to grow and move and navigate his way around our house I know that I’ll be eating even more of these delicious meals!


FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.

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