What to Expect Since I’m Expecting

by Heather on February 22, 2012

Well guys, that time is coming up oh so quickly and I’m being forced to think about grown-up things like the future, insurance, and being a mom.  You know, normal things…but since I feel like I’m essentially a 21-year-old trapped in a 28-year-old body I get a little intimidated when it comes to grown up things.  But alas things are going to be changing in my life in a big way soon, and while I could not be more excited I’m also a little anxious about what that’s going to look like, how my days will change, and what the heck am I going to do about blogging?

Here’s the thing:  this little blog has brought about so much fun, love, friendship, and support that there’s no way on earth I’ll ever stop.  Nope, you guys are stuck with me!  But I’m not going to lie – since life is going to be changing a bit, I think it’s fair to assume that the blog will too.  Food always has been and always will be a big part of my life, but if I’m going to be fair to myself and my family I’m going to have to be honest about the fact that making up fun recipes is likely going to go on the proverbial back burner for a few weeks after delivery.  I’ll still be cooking, and I’ll still be sharing those recipes, but the extra little oohmph! that I normally put in there?  Well, it may be on hiatus for a while.  The thing is I don’t know what it’s like to have a baby so I can’t say for sure one way or another, but my hope and plan is to still share what’s going on in our lives and what’s going in our bellies.

What you can be sure to find, though, is a lot of thoughts about what in the world is happening in my life, how it’s changing my heart, my mind, and my body.  How being a mommy is influencing our marriage, our pups, and the free time.  It may be a lot, and it may be a lot of information that is weird or a little TMI at times, but I never said that this blog would solely be about food forever and ever amen.

Just most of the time :)

So in general you may find more or less of the same with more thoughts about being a mom, a predictably ridiculous number of baby photos and chats about feeding times, panic attacks and so on.  And you know what?  I can’t wait to take y’all on this journey with us!

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