What To Do?

by Heather on August 23, 2011

OK.  So this is shockingly unimportant but I need your help deciding whether or not to keep growing my hair out!


Here’s the deal:  for about 5 years now I’ve been dreaming of having long hair for the first time in my life…like REALLY long hair.  My hair is curly and I keep it blond, so this is kind of what it would look like…you know, with my face.


Gorgeous, right?!  Here’s the problem:  I can’t seem to do anything with it.  I wear it curly and it looks great, but the reality is that I wear my hair up all the time and when I do that it just falls flat from the sheer weight of the hair!  And that’s just not a cute look for me…it needs to have some volume.  Another problem is that it doesn’t seem to be growing any longer over the past couple months, despite regular trims, minimal heat styling, and the everyday regimen of prenatal vitamins.

Then I started thinking back to when it was shorter…I want to be able to pull it up without little hairs all over the back of my neck but also so that the ponytails and other hairstyles won’t fall flat when I pull it back.  Something like this (although I’d take Heidi Klum’s face.  I would):


I could wear it curly or straighten it easily at that length and it would still be longer, which I think is good for my face.  So what do you think?  Should I go for the cut?  Or just keep working on growing it out?


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