Week 11: Full-Fledged Baby

by Heather on May 25, 2012

It’s official – I am the mommy of an 11-week-old full-fledged baby.  I can hardly believe it!  And like I said last week, I find myself loving mommyhood more and more every day.

We have finally settled into a great little routine (and I know that by saying that I’m totally jinxing it…) and he’s SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Like a full 8-10 hours.  I can hardly believe it, but I have to say I’m so thankful.  I can handle the lack of sleep just fine, but I sure do love getting some rest!


One of my newest, most favorite things in the entire world is at bedtime, after we’ve fed him, we’ll strip him down and let him play around naked for a little bit.  It’s clearly his favorite part of the day – he kicks and moves and smiles more during his nudie-time (my phrase) than any other time of the day!  It’s only the cutest thing in the world.

Earlier this week Wes had his first laugh and it scared him!  I was dying laughing – he got so excited that he let out this little screech and the biggest smile EVER and then he jumped out of his skin and started crying.  Too funny :)  I can’t wait to hear his little belly laughs (or big belly laughs!) soon!  Honestly when he smiles I just feel like my heart is going to explode…when he laughs it might just actually blow up.

As you can see the hands are still the newest latest and greatest, only now they’re covered in relentless drool.  I have considered just leaving a bib on him at all times (well, all times that he’s awake and I’m there with him) to mop it up, but have just resorted to keeping burp clothes in every room of the house to help with it.  I never thought about washing an infant’s hands, but with all the drooling and the chewing of the hands he gets stuff stuck in between his fingers.  Oh, the things that you learn when you become a mom!

We are still working constantly on tummy time and have yet to really have him hold his head up while on his stomach.  He can do it easily, but usually he finds a hand and just sucks on his fist instead of focusing on the task at hand.  Is this something that will just go away?  We let him sit up while we support him and he holds his head just fine, turning it with control in all directions.  He just doesn’t like being on his stomach – but I’m hoping that passes soon.  I’m always worrying about whether he’s developing the way he needs to, but I think that’s probably normal for new moms.


P.S. The photo above is him with a pair of shorts on his head…pretty immediately after the photo was taken there was a massive meltdown that ensued.  Oops :)

Another new-ish thing is the amount of hair that he has growing in!  I mentioned before his faux-hawk is a natural look and the hair that’s coming in around it is SUPER blond, and he has a LOT of it.  Makes sense because Nate and I both have a lot of hair, but it’s just insane to actually see it growing in like it is.  At some point he’ll have hair all over that’s all the same length and I can’t even imagine what that’s going to look like.  My little baby boy will be all grown up!

(Just in case you’re wondering that’s a photo of me about to nibble the heck out of his cheeks.  Baby cheeks are the answer to world peace, promise).

Things are going well for Nate and I postpartum still, although we’re always working on figuring out our new life as parents.  I swear, the sleeping thing has helped so much in this!  The only change for me is that my hair is starting to fall out, which I expected, but my skin is finally not sandpaper-dry anymore!  Hurray :)  As much fun as being a mommy is, the times that I feel really attractive are few and far between.  I’m sure the lack of showering has something to do with that, but it’s nice to finally have my face back!

I can’t wait to see how Wes keeps growing and changing.  He’s more and more fun every day and we are so blessed!

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