The Best BLT Ever

by Heather on May 31, 2012

There is a woman that I work with who is probably the most fabulous person I know.

Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • She churns her own butter.
  • She has an oven that is the most awesome thing in the world, which she calls her baby.
  • She owns a goat.  Maybe for goat cheese one day, but mostly because it helps with the whole “mowing the yard” thing.
  • She also owns an alpaca.
  • She lives on a lake.
  • She knows how to make croissants. Anyone who knows how to do that wins.
  • She can wear pajamas to work and make them look fancy.  Let’s just say that the old boxers and massive T-shirts I wear to bed have no chance – NO CHANCE! – of looking fancy.
  • She bakes her own bread.
  • She will sit and talk to me about all things food and kitchen for hours on end.
  • She is totally that person who can say anything, even without a filter, and it’s hilarious and relevant.
  • She told me about the way that she makes BLTs, which totally trumps any other real BLT out there.


  • 2 slices good bread
  • 3 slices thick-cut bacon, crisped
  • 1/2 large beefsteak tomato, cut into thin slices
  • 1/2 cup tender lettuce of choice
  • 2-3 oz brie cheese
  • salt and pepper

First up toast the bread.  When it’s toasted and still hot spread it with brie cheese (in lieu of mayo).  Build the sandwich with bacon on the bottom, tomatoes and lettuce, then sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Top with the other slice of bread.


It’s simple, it’s a sandwich, but the high-quality ingredients and the fact that it’s practically smothered in brie cheese makes it scream “FABULOUS” from the rooftops.

Go on, getcha some!

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1 Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) May 31, 2012

She sounds awesome and so does that blt, only thing I’d need on it is a fried egg.


2 Christina @ This Woman Cooks! May 31, 2012

I looove BLT’s, a common craving I’ve had this whole pregnancy. :)


3 Urban Wife May 31, 2012

Wow she sounds amazing! I love the simplicity of this BLT.


4 ginger May 31, 2012

OMG yum. I am making this with vegetarian bacon asap!


5 Maura @ My Healthy 'Ohana May 31, 2012

I’m not a mayo lover, so I’m really excited to try this with the brie cheese!!


6 kelley {mountain mama cooks} May 31, 2012

She sounds awesome, the sandwich sounds awesome. You are awesome.


7 Laurie {Simply Scratch} June 1, 2012

BLT’s are definitely one of my top fav sandwiches! I bet the brie is tops!


8 Sommer@ASpicyPerspective June 1, 2012

Yes, I can SO see how Brie wold make this the best ever! Trying it…


9 Lauren T June 1, 2012

Mmmm that looks so good! What’s your favorite kind of bread to use for this BLT?


10 Heather June 1, 2012

I really like a simple white bread in thick slices, but really anything freshly baked would be good!


11 Kristin June 1, 2012

I have to say – add Basil and then it would be the best :) but then I suppose it would be a BLTB? Of course you can also substitute Basil for Lettuce (which I do when I make them at home). However, now i need to try the whole combo with Bree (or maybe goat cheese…hmmmm)


12 Kim in MD June 1, 2012

Oh my…I love BLT’s, and I am loving subbing brie for the mayo! Yum!


13 Lana @ Never Enough Thyme June 2, 2012

Love the idea of brie on a BLT! Fabulous ideas from a really fabulous sounding lady.


14 alex June 3, 2012

yum! i love brie on anything! we like to add fried egg also!


15 Robin Sue June 4, 2012

Do you know what is crazy? My hubby likes peanut butter on his BLTs. I hought it sounded gross but actually it isn’t too bad!


16 Heather June 4, 2012

you know, it doesn’t sound TERRIBLE…just a little different :)


17 Janetha June 4, 2012

Oh. Man. BLTs are like the only way I really like bacon!


18 Heather June 4, 2012

hold the phone. WHAT?! good thing i loved you before i knew that :) (kidding)


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