Southern Style BBQ Shrimp

by Heather on September 24, 2011

It’s no surprise I’m a Texas girl, and ’round these parts (these parts being Texas and our house here in Colorado) a good BBQ brisket is king.  That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try other forms of BBQ, other sauces, and other meats/seafood though!  I think the saying goes something like, “‘Tis better to have eaten BBQ anything than no BBQ at all.”


I mean, I’m paraphrasing here, but you guys get the gist!

The other day I got the KC Masterpiece Southern Style Barbecue Sauce and knew exactly what to do with it.  See, I had this bag of shrimp just itchin’ to be grilled and, well, far be it from me to ignore the wishes of a bag of shrimp.  The sauce?  Well, the sauce was delicious.  I’m actually incredibly picky about my bottled BBQ sauces.  This one was perfectly vinegar-y, sweet, and had a little spice – just the way I like it.  Also, in keeping with the tradition of Southern style sauces it was runnier than I prefer, but the flavor is what it’s all about.  And the flavor was hoppin’!

So the shrimp I can hardly call a “recipe” but when you have great sauce and good shrimp and a grill you really don’t need much more.  The sauce was peppery and salty enough to not have to season the shrimp beforehand, so basically we just skewered the shrimp and brushed with sauce.  The charred sauce and shrimp has all the flavor you’ll need!  We served ours with roasted cauliflower and simple rice pilaf.  Oh, and bread.  Obviously.

I would highly HIGHLY recommend the KC Masterpiece Southern Style Barbecue Sauce to anyone looking for a delicious bottled BBQ sauce that will work well with pretty much any protein and/or vegetable out there!

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