My Favorite Steak

by Heather on August 26, 2011

In my family having steak means you’re celebrating something special.

And I’d say that you and I?  We’re celebrating something special today:  it’s Friday!  I’m getting my hair done over the weekend (I’ll try to post pictures tomorrow), I’m getting a pedicure, I’m having a girls night with some amazing friends, and Nate gets to go to the air show.  You guys don’t know my husband but he’s excited beyond belief.


You see?  It’s a steak kind of day!

I referenced this little dinner the other day when I was chatting with you about bread pudding.  Ah bread pudding…I could eat that all the livelong day…


We got this amazing bison filet from Door to Door Organics and immediately I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  Besides devour it upon cooking that is.

My beautiful friend Emma has a blog that she started to just document life, food, and family.  And y’all?  This girl knows food.  She and I are almost always talking about it when we get together, share a mutual admiration for Ina Garten, and have even had cheese dates with our husbands.  I have been wanting to try her take on a simple filet for as long as I can remember…and this was it!


Click here for the method, but basically she takes my favorite steak – salt and pepper.  the.end. – and adds a little sugar to it to aid in caramelization.  She also recommends searing it and then cooking it the rest of the way in the oven, which is something I’ve always been a little intimidated to do.  I don’t know why, I use my oven all the time.  But steak, in my opinion, needs to be medium (no more than medium rare) to really get the best flavor and texture.  If I’m spending the money for a filet I want to make sure I don’t overcook it!

Y’all, this steak was amazing and I loved the extra sweetness the sugar added!  It wasn’t too much, but just definitely helped the meat caramelize and added another flavor note that it hard to come across in leaner meats.


So go ahead…get that filet at the store today.  Season it up real nice like with salt, pepper, and a bit ‘o’ sugah.  Sear it in a cast iron skillet and then slide that puppy into the oven for about 5 minutes.  Let it sit while you make your salad.  And then make sure you close your eyes once that first bite hits your tongue…it’s a celebration!


Happy Friday!

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