Mississippi Mud Cake

by Heather on July 28, 2011

So what’s the big deal with Mississippi Mud?

I’m going to be honest here:  I’ve only ever stood on a sidewalk and looked at the Mississippi River.  I’ve never been down in the mud, splashing around and figuring out what makes it so special that it has a cake named after it.  Although I’m sure that if I had been allowed to I probably would have…playing in mud is fun.


You know you agree.

I remember back in the day when I was about 7 years old and my sister was about 3 and we would play in the mud in the backyard.  It was pretty amazing and I happen to have some very blackmail-worthy pictures of my sweet sister with nothing on but the radio and a smile while covered in mud.  Alas, you won’t be seeing that today, but mainly because I can’t figure out how to get our scanner to work.  Salah, I love you but it’s going to come out at some point.  You knew this when you let me have the picture!

Back to dessert.  Mud.  Eating mud doesn’t sound fun, but when ‘mud’ is chocolate and walnuts and marshmallows and butter and a dense cake…THEN mud sounds like my kind of treat.  I’ll eat mud for breakfast lunch and dinner if only I could!  And thank goodness for yet another old recipe on a well-worn card – because I think we both know that’s how you know it’s a keeper.

I guess all I’m saying is that if this is mud, I’m all for playing in it.


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