Mexican Skillet Casserole

by Heather on September 26, 2012

Back in the day – you know, 4 weeks ago – when my life wasn’t turned upside down I was just a busy mom trying to take care of my sweet baby, work from home, keep things sort of clean and make a healthy and delicious meal all in one whole day.  I mean really, what sort of crazy person can accomplish that?  I’d like to meet that person and glean from them the secret to doing it all.


Or maybe not.  Because then what would you do?



As much as I love cooking and eating (I mean I have somehow managed to make that my job after all), at the end of the day I just want something super simple and filling that doesn’t take a ton of time or use up a lot of dishes.  I want something that I feel good about eating after working hard to get in shape, and something that my husband will enjoy eating.  And as much as that all seems impossible to accomplish, I actually made that meal just a few weeks ago.


You know, before the whole world-turning-upside-down part.

Now I’m sitting here looking at all of the photos from this meal and literally drooling over it.  So what if it’s 8:30am?  I’ve eaten weirder things at stranger hours than this.  Guac in the AM?  Don’t mind if I do!


It’s amazing what a few simple staple ingredients and some delectable spices can do to liven up a weeknight meal rut.  This recipe, and all of the other ones in this book literally use ingredients I already always have in my pantry and spice cabinet.  It’s easy to make vegetarian, it’s gluten-free, but more importantly it’s delicious!

So here I am now – kitchen ready to go and a hankering to start cooking again.  Y’all look out now – this could be a wild ride!

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