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by Heather on September 18, 2012

Oh, hey there. You know, I didn’t blog for a day and I feel like I’ve been missing you guys my entire life.  Like I mentioned on Friday, life has been a little more insane than normal and I told you I’d share.  So let’s grab ourselves a cup of coffee and a comfy couch and chat about things.

Here’s the problem – I’m just not sure where to start.  I guess at the beginning, right?


Four years ago Nate and I moved out to Colorado to help plant a church.  That’s not something I talk about a lot, mainly because I wasn’t really blogging about that part of our life and haven’t for some time.  It just seemed so much more intimate than I wanted to share at the time, but that’s what took us out there.  In short, the Lord called us out to Colorado for much more than starting a church.  He took us to Colorado to change lives – mostly our own – and so we went.  I’d love to go into details more later, but in short I’d say that the move and the challenges that we faced there are what brought us together and really made our marriage the incredible union that it is today.

When we moved out to Colorado we didn’t have jobs at all.  We had found a place to live on Craigslist, and just left Dallas with a few spare dollars and a hope that we could make it.  The first few months were incredibly hard but then suddenly we were blessed with jobs with a great local company (yes, the same one and yes, I got the job first.  I’ll never let that go Nate!) that completely provided for us in so many ways.  Life has always been good – even when it’s not – but life was really looking up from a financial point of view.


Meanwhile the church was doing great.  We were having a blast, getting involved in the community and making absolutely amazing friends.


To make this post a little shorter than it could be, we both got tired of our jobs but felt trapped in them because of the horrible economic state.  Then, a little over a year ago, the church that we poured so much of ourselves into ended up closing its doors suddenly.  It was devastating to say the least and I’m just thankful that we have such amazing friends and family to lean on and encourage us through it.


For a while I’ve been pretty homesick, missing Texas so much that it physically hurt sometimes.  I tried for a long time to get Nate to want to move back, especially since we were about to have a baby and wanted him to grow up closer to family.  It was like pulling teeth, so I finally just gave up and figured that if we were supposed to move back we would.  I wasn’t about to fight my husband to live somewhere if he didn’t want to be there.

Then Weston was born and not but a few weeks later we were discussing the chances of moving back to Dallas.  He started submitting resumes and going through the job-hunting process a little bit later, but hadn’t found anything that was really what we wanted and needed.


Through some amazing friends of ours from Colorado Nate was connected with a company that is going to meet our needs financially but even more importantly it will meet his need to pursue something that he is truly passionate about.  We will be closer to family and in an area that is beautiful and that we’ve always considered living in.  It’s going to be a big change BUT right now we are in the process of moving to:


This is one adventure that I am incredibly excited about, so now that you guys know where we’re headed let me tell you about the past few weeks.  As a way to get moving on going to Dallas we put our house on the rental market at the beginning of August, just hoping that we would be able to rent it out.  The job that I mentioned was solidified the Friday before Labor Day, two days after we found out that our house was going to be rented out and that we had to be out by September 15 (this past Saturday).  In the midst of all of this we found an amazing rental property in Little Rock that will be perfect for our little family.




SO – over the course of 10 days we (with the help of my mom and our awesome Colorado friends) packed up our entire house in a Penske truck and Wes and I drove down to Lubbock with my mom to spend 5 days at my parents’ house while Nate fulfills his 2 weeks notice in Boulder.  On Friday of this week we are going to make the drive to Little Rock and move all of our stuff into our new house in Arkansas.  Oh, and then Monday Nate starts his new job.


Crazy, right?


But honestly through this entire process, as in all the way from the beginning of my life, God has provided in ways that astound me, that move me, and that are beyond what I could ever dream of deserving.  This is a big move at a major time in our lives, and yet every time I prayed about it, about the stress of it all and (for 2 days) about the anxiety of having to move out of our house without a job prospect, I just heard the Lord saying, “TRUST ME.”


I am so very excited about this next chapter in our lives and can’t wait to share more of my heart and more of our life with you guys!

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