Learning to Let Go

by Heather on March 27, 2012

Thanks to this little man I’m learning to let go.

Learning to let go of rules, because babies don’t play by rules.


Learning to let go of schedules because newborns don’t know what a schedule is.


Learning to let go of my neat-freak-psycho-organization side.  Because there’s no time for that when you’re snuggling a baby.


Learning to let go of sleep.  Enough said.


Learning to let go of over-the-top cleanliness.  Keep everything sanitary and that’s the priority.


Learning to let go of technology and being overly connected.  I love it, but now’s the time to step back and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a million times better because of it!


Learning to let go of searching for the next step and learning to live in the moment.  I can’t wait to see how Weston continues to grow but the one thing I can’t let go of is loving him exactly where he’s at right now.


Learning to let go of the fact that we’ve been peed on, we’ve both been spit up on, and had to wash the poop off of our hands too many times to count.  And rejoicing in the fact that we have a precious little baby who’s the culprit.


Being a mom has already been so much more rewarding than I ever thought possible.  Even through the sleepless nights, bouts of endless crying over a slightly dirty diaper, and the bodily stuff that happens when you have a baby I’ve learned that letting go of myself and focusing on the men in my life (Nate and Weston) brings the biggest amount of joy I’ve ever had.  Who knew learning to let go could be so great?

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