January 1, 2013

by Heather on January 1, 2013

Let’s be honest here:  there’s so much I could say right now to talk about the things I’ve learned/done/said/had/been thankful for/regretted doing or not doing/etc in 2012.  Trust me, there’s a lot there.


But next to marrying my best friend almost 6 years ago, the biggest blessing of my entire life came to us in March 2012, and it feels like everything Nate and I have both learned/done/said/had/been thankful for/regretted doing or not doing/etc in 2012 is centered around this little man:


I feel like I say it all the time, but I had no idea – not.a.clue – how much I would love being a mother.  It beats any other job or career I ever imagined for myself, and my hopes and resolutions for the new year are centered around being a woman that Weston can look up to, a woman who lives with grace, faith, joy, happiness, and beauty.  A woman who isn’t afraid of resolving conflict in a Godly manner, who doesn’t shy away from improving who she is, who doesn’t become lazy, but who also knows how to rest well.  A woman who does what she can to make sure that she’s there for her family as long and as well as possible.


My goals are centered around being a Proverbs 31 woman in everything I do, which I know sounds fairly vague to some, daunting to others, and maybe even a little weird.  Trust me, I feel all that too!  But I believe that God has placed that verse on my heart to pray through and live out, and so that’s the goal.  I promise to share with you guys in more detail later what that means to me and how I plan on going about doing it all without tearing my hair out, but today?  Today let’s live in utter thankfulness for the blessing of a new year.  For the promise of new life.  For the gift of salvation.  And in love for the people in our lives (including ourselves!).


I love you guys.  Even though we’ve never met I love you and – believe it or not – I pray for you every day!


much love,



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