by Heather on February 28, 2014



Eek! It’s been a while since I’ve done an InstaLife post – but you know what? I was out living life, so I can’t really be too sorry, right? :) I’ve been working on really trying to artfully capture the things that are in my life, day by day, both the super boring and mundane (HELLO 8th cup of coffee…) and the incredibly cool. Like lobster tails. Who wouldn’t love a shot of lobster tails, amIright?


The above shots were done on Valentine’s Day – the day of celebrating love (although it really should be celebrated every day) and, for me, is now an anniversary of the first time I ever cooked lobster tails in my life! I was making my friend Jessica’s lobster mac and cheese – which, by the way, is so decadent and amazing – and was both insanely proud of myself and simultaneously disgusted. Let’s just say that they don’t “devein” lobster tails, and the “vein” (intestine) is much bigger than a shrimp. Just saying. But the dinner was amazing!


At some point during The Freezing Month of January this year, except this was actually in February, Nate told me to go away. To just leave and go be alone and do something I wanted to do. I didn’t really want to drive anywhere due to the nature of Not Showering, so I went on a walk and really tried to take in all that’s in this little neighborhood we live in currently. Where we are right at this moment is a really fantastic place, and while I’m incredibly excited to be moving, oh I don’t know, TOMORROW, I am really going to miss a lot of the little things around here.


Also, these shoes. I remember there was a time where everyone told me that little girl clothes trumped all boy clothes and that my ability to dress a baby would never be complete until I had a girl. BUT OH MY GOSH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THOSE SHOES?! I think those people are liars. Little boy clothes are the cutest, and if you’re a mom who is concerned that you won’t have fun dressing them – don’t. :)


AND THEN THE WEATHER CHANGED! It was actually warm and comfortable and I could wear shorts and be normal! Can I just say that I think Colorado ruined cold weather for me, and that even after that Arkansas has ruined it even further? Or maybe it’s just because I’m not in my 20s anymore? Or maybe I was really just a warm weather gal all along? Regardless, the sun finally emerged and the temperature went up, and that made me so much happier than before. So I took a picture of The Single Patch of Green Grass to commemorate it.


Weston’s smile. I mean y’all, I can’t handle it. Too much cute.


Last weekend I went to the Jen Hatmaker conference in Little Rock and I could not have been more moved by it all. Honestly it wasn’t anything I haven’t already heard, but God’s divine timing was the perfect part of it. I revisited a lot of the hurt from a failed church plant and worked through some of the fears of moving to a new neighborhood with new people to get to know. I was challenged and stretched a lot during those few days, cried my eyes out a whole bunch, and came home feeling encouraged and uplifted.


And I had some coffee. Have I mentioned I like coffee? First iced one of the season – and I dedicated it to YOU!


And so now we’re here. We closed on our new house on Wednesday, got the cable and internet set up yesterday, and we start the actual moving process tomorrow afternoon. Wanna know something? I said a lot of big things a while back about packing slowly and carefully and getting rid of all the things, and I failed big time in that one. I’d say 2/3 of our stuff is still not packed (it will be) and most of it is still dusty and maybe a little scary looking. This move is going to be clunky and not all-together. It won’t be color-coded and mapped with perfectly sized boxes.


But we will be moved. At some point. And I’ll just give myself a bunch of grace because that’s what I’ll need!


At first I was a little sad about moving because even though this is technically the second house Wes has lived in, it’s the only one that he can actually recall. This is where he took his first steps, started crawling, talking, quit nursing, started climbing, and basically started turning into a little boy. He loooooooooves the new house and squeals in excitement when we pull in the driveway there, but this is his first little home. Sometimes I wonder if he’ll remember it, like if one day he’ll come back here and it will feel like a comfy, familiar dream or something. Or maybe I’ll realize that he was just a baby still, and a boy at that, and maybe won’t care. Whatever :)


Finally I have an aloe plant. I forgot we had it. And it has tripled in size since we got it. So I’m thinking that ignoring plants might just be the way to be a good gardner. Don’t tell me if I’m wrong on this one… 😉


Happy weekend!

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